Martin Hajek, a 3D artist well-regarded for his mockups of future gadgets, is back at it again, this time with a fresh batch of renditions depicting what an iPhone 6 with a 4.6-inch screen might look like. Despite the massive screen, a 4.6-inch iPhone would still file as more of a smartphone than a phablet.
I don’t mind too much that theirs no HOME button, but the could at least make it taller. I hate to say this, but I feel that we will still be with the same 4″ screen on the iPhone 6.
Apple better step up their game otherwise I’m switching to Samsung and dropping the iPhone!

I still say the iphone 5 is ugly and I get harassed by the applefags on here, the same ones who said it was ugly back then. Shouldn’t it be obvious to those making these mockups not to make it look like the Galaxy SIII? The firmware isnt going to stay the same… i just imagined it with the concepts ive been seeing around. If they makes an iphone like the ipad mini in 5 inches i’ll fall in love with apple again. If apple design the iphone 5S anything like that then i think it will re spark the magic that apple had when they introduced the iphone 4.

But look at this design compared to the iPhone 5 in the second to last photo, it looks to be nearly the exact same size! Don’t make a monster truck sized phone that loses its mobility, just make a larger screen that fits subtly into the same dimension of the iPhone 5. Look at your iPhone 5’s, if you got rid of the home button, that would definitely free up some space for the screen size (and maybe even more room internally).

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