AirDroid is a free Android application that you can use to control your Android device from your desktop, by using a web browser (so it on Linux and any other OS). The latest AirDroid 2 beta could only be downloaded by using an invitation, but the apk can now be downloaded by everyone, although it's not on Google Play just yet. When you start AirDroid v2, you'll be prompted to login with your AirDroid account so if you don't have one, you'll have to create it.
You can still use AirDroid 2 without an account, but you won't have access to all the features.

Another small issue I've encountered was when using a local connection (without an AirDroid account) and a HTTPS connection: the web page (AirDroid web interface) wouldn't load in Firefox, but it did work in Google Chrome. It can be used to transfer files (upload to the phone or download to your desktop), browse images, quickly send or read an SMS and many others.
The new version comes with many cool new features such as a new "Find my phone" service, a remote camera feature and others. Please note that I've encountered an error when trying to create an account: AirDroid allows you to use Twitter, Google and other services to create the account and if the username entered exists on Twitter (even though you didn't select Twitter) but it's not your account, you won't be able to register, so you may have to enter an username that doesn't exist on Twitter.

However, let's not forget that AirDroid v2 is still in beta, so all of these small issues should be fixed soon! Some users have reported some other more or less similar issues when registering and the AirDroid developers are working on a fix for this.

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