ABR Imagery is counted among the world's famous and largest upgraded Glass Supply Source throughout the America. Keep me informed about new items and promotions (We never share your info, and we won't drive you nuts with frequent emails. This first-class hotel, which is a popular location with holiday and business travelers, is located in the town centre.
A range of opportunities available offering different levels of support and commensurate exposure.

The origin of ABR Imagery comes from Bloomington, Indiana, currently ABR Imagery is regarded as the biggest glass distributing subsidiary that is involved in provisioning few of the innovative and creative equipment's including raw glass resource to the practitioners fusers, stained glass artists, scientific glassblowers and enthusiasts. Since 1990's, the journey of ABR Imagery industry begun as an artist studio, and several provincial experts and artists arrive and join cooperative environment business perceptions and generate glass. 12” x 12” heavy duty cast iron grates allow you to easily slide heavy pots from one section to another, while a unique anti-clogging pilot shield ensures that the open top burners deliver long-lasting performance. With the passage of time, ABR Imagery being a destination that a person not only to create friendship, but also avail a proper tubes or rods, appropriate color and many other things.

With it’s deep cooking area, and a 5” front ledge these ranges provides you with plenty of room to work.
The standard sized oven(s) each have 30,000 BTUs of cooking power and a unique double-wall flame spreader with temperature diverters to ensure even heat distribution.

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