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Amid all the nostalgic outpourings for the humble tax disc, Iain Dooley laments the lack of concern over how our new, disc-free motoring future will be enforced. It’s a rare day when a new government initiative is rolled out without a hitch, and the day we ditched the paper tax disc was not one of those days. Good riddance, then, to the colourful roundel that called the bottom left of the windscreen its home.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is now what stands between you and a fine for not having purchased Vehicle Excise Duty, and the car numberplate is now the only way of identifying a car’s legal status.

Granted, this has been the case for some time, but if you don’t like being tracked by a nationwide network of cameras you might as well set fire to your driving licence and get the bus. To be solely reliant on cameras and computers to enforce road tax compliance is unsettling.
Do some research and you’ll soon see how little oversight and transparency exists to keep the system in check. Now, you can choose not to use a supermarket reward card or own a mobile phone, but I don’t remember seeing an opt-out check box on my driving licence renewal form. Instead of booking a standard length course we are offering the opportunity to come along and take one of our completely FREE LGV driving assessments. Yes, absolutely anyone providing you hold a full UK car licence and have added the category 'C' provisional entitlement to actually drive a LGV. We sell number plates from DVLA, our own extensive stock as well as client owned registrations. You must be at least 18 years old to use this service and have the permission of the bill payer to make the call. In order to scrap a car for cash all you need to do is fill out the form on the right - We’ll tell you straight away how much we could pay for your scrap car disposal.
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Still, nothing will ever be quite as frustrating as the Herculean task of separating a tax disc from those annoying perforations.
And how many people keep insurance, tax and driving licence details with them at all times?
The nation’s ANPR network is vast, and connects roadside cameras with CCTV sites and cameras in police cars to help it scan licence plates. And with ANPR technology now the primary enforcement tool, where are the safeguards regarding accuracy and reliability?
Even at a basic level, if the DVLA can’t stop its website from crashing what hope is there that more important systems are suitably robust?

The instructor will take you out for at least an hour during which he will thoroughly review your good and not so good driving points and tell you how much training you need to be ready for the test. To get this added you will need to have a LGV medical then send a form away to DVLA with your existing car licence. We will then contact you to arrange either the LGV medical appointment or to arrange the FREE assessment drive. Our service consists of a call connection, which means you are dialling one of our numbers and not the number of the company you are looking for. You can then arrange a convenient time for us to pick up your scrap car up from you, and we’ll pay you in cash when we do so.
This can lead to lots of problems further down the line – and you may still be held liable for your old car, even though you no longer own it. This means you can finally take your phone to the beach or keep it next to the bath without fear of getting it soaking wet. Retweeing and following Number Direct numerous times from the same account will only count as one entry. Over the last year around 60% of people who come for a trial drive were assessed as not needing the full lenght course.
And no, I’m not making it up, as there have been numerous cases in recent years of legal motorists being stopped and inconvenienced having had their cars impounded. The provisional licence will last until you are 45 years old or for 5 years if you are already over 40.
It may occur that you are disconnected or that you find yourself in a queue, then please call back the number you have been given on your call. If you do not respond to the message within two weeks we reserve the right to offer the prize to someone else.

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