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Using the removable 0.3 MP camera you can fly around and record videos of beautiful views of the sky and the world below. The super stable 6 axis, four channel quadcopter also features an exciting new function called headless flying aka IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control).
Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Multiple simultaneous lines supported - with one SkypeIn number, you will have up to 30 simultaneous lines supported in Skype Reception.
Group operators - You are able to appoint a group of operators in Skype Reception so that they can handle many incoming calls at the same time.

Remote operators - Operators in a group can be anywhere, and they just need to keep their Skype online to receive calls.
Opening hour settings - You can set multiple group operators to receive calls based on the time of the day. This mode is ideal for novice four channel flyers as it uses the pilot’s directions as its own.
The Sky Drone Pro White gives you just that thanks to its high definition camera and its clever free app that turns you smart phone into an eye in the sky! Simply download the free app (available in Android and iOS app stores) and away you go, or should that be up, up and away! You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.

Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Not only do you get all of the above but 360° inversion is also built in which allows you to do some cool flips and tricks too.

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