Sky Broadband has launched a new television commercial featuring actor Michael Caine, following on from previous adverts featuring Jenifer Aniston, Bruce Willis and Al Pacino. Jennifer Aniston is squatting in a British cafe way past closing time, due to her internet being out at home.
Bruce Willis storms into a broadband office complaining about the data limits on his account.
English sports presenter Jeff Stelling storms into the same office to run a spoof on the Bruce Willis spot.
The My Name Is campaign was developed at WCRS, London, by executive creative directors Simon Robinson and Leon Jaume, agency producer Sally Lipsius, account director Anna Covell, working with BSKYB group creative director Barry Skolnick, brand marketing controller Carli Farmer and brand director Lyssa McGowan. Filming was shot by director Peter Lydon via 76 Ltd and Aero Films with producer Cathy Hood. Post production was done at Finish by Flame artist Jason Watts, colourist Paul Harrison and 3D artist Alaric Holberton. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film.
Sky Broadband (BSkyB) has today joined TalkTalk to become the latest of the big Internet providers to introduce their own network level filtering (censorship) service at the behest of Government demands.

Now we’re going one step further by offering our customers great new technology which means they can feel confident that all their devices in the home are protected. However customers who choose to enable the service should keep in mind that Internet filtering is by no means perfect and often results in perfectly safe websites being censored due to errors or incorrect categorisation. Similarly most children will have no trouble finding their way around such filters and thus effective parenting should never be relaxed in favour of checking a box. Plus iirc they aren’t making the smaller suppliers do this which I think is an unfair disparity in the market.
Optional today, compulsory tomorrow, and then hard wired to the police and anti-piracy the next day. Sky have recenetly started to block numerous websites that allow free speech, I will be taking my custom elsewhere, it’s basically a crippled version of the internet it now provides, I only discovered some of the firewalled websites today after trying to follow links and found them dead then tested with TOR which could get me there.
I pay to use the internet not just the websites that the establishment dictate I must only use. SKY On Demand Premium Pack which includes foreign TV shows and movies is FREE for 60 days upon first log-in. Sir Michael plays himself as a prospective buyer touring a lighthouse where the wifi signal just won’t stretch far enough.

When it’s suggested he choose between low resolution or small versions of his films, an enterprising fan points him in another direction. Pacino stands atop his grand piano practicing his golf shots while trying to listen to Italian opera on his laptop.
Sky has already played a leading role in protecting Sky homes from inappropriate content, as we know that’s what our customers expect of Sky. Sky Broadband Shield is a brilliantly simple tool that allows customers to easily choose how much of the internet to let into their homes. An astute estate agent outwits her partner and seals the deal by informing Sir Michael of Sky’s superior reach using a free wifi booster, while her bungling colleague hangs off the balcony searching for a better signal on Sir Michael’s tablet. On top of that users also have the option of filtering websites by age and this will be similar to how movies are classified (i.e. As long as the government doesn’t start enforcing it to be permanently on I am fine with this as its a waste of time and easily circumvented.

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