The following sign-in sheet templates are for personal, private, organizational, or company use, but may not be placed on the internet, resold, etc. This meeting sign in template lets you collect the name, organization, title, phone #, and email address of the people attending your meeting, seminar, workshop, etc. Designed for a doctor's office, this patient sign-in sheet has columns for Appointment Time and Arrival Time.
This is a generic sign-in form for collecting the names, addresses, phone #'s, and email addresses of the attendees. NEW DELHI: All 500 million mobile users in the country may have to change their from January 1, 2010, and adopt a 11-digit cellular number if a DoT proposal is accepted by the industry.

The logic: Under the current 10-digit numbering scheme, only a maximum of one billion mobile numbers can be issued and the mobile connections in the country will cross this mark in the next couple of years. Want a simple solution for recording attendance at meetings, classes, workshops, or seminars? A DoT official said that the country will eventually have to move to a 11-digit cellular numbers system. Pre-fixing an additional digit will allow the Indian telecom operators to issue up to 10-billion individual mobile numbers. This is because, based on 2003-projections, India was expected to touch 500 million mobile customers only by 2030, but the country has reached this mark 21 years ahead of the projected date .

India has been the world’s fastest growing cellular market for the last three years. Thirteen mobile firms are jostling for space in the Indian market that most analysts feel can support only 4-5 operators.

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