If you were intrigued by PlayStation Vue as a substitute for cable TV but refused to sign up until you could watch The Walking Dead, it's time to hop aboard. Demand to attend looked as high as ever, despite general admission passes costing $900 (about £601, AU$1,140). Like years previous, Google plans to broadcast the event's happenings for folks who'd like to tune-in from home. Details on session specifics are still missing, though we'll update this hub as soon as we know more. In the months since the IO 2014, Google has unleashed a number of tantalizing products and intriguing concepts that have us looking forward it its 2015 conference. Unlike last year's IO, which was short on exciting announcements, we expect Google to rebound an event loaded with breakthroughs, surprises and products we can't wait to use. Android 5 is pretty sweet, but it's having a hell of a time getting to flagship phones.
We hope by the time IO rolls around, most flagships on most major networks have joined Team Lollipop. Oculus Rift may rule the VR roost, but don't count Cardboard out before it gets a chance to shine.
Besides wearables, there's really no hotter space for companies to get into than cars right now.
With support ending for Google TV and the one-year anniversary of Android TV's emergence approaching at IO, Google is sure to spend plenty of time talking about the smart TV system this year.
Google will no doubt enlighten us further on its living rooms plans at IO 2015, placing Android TV at the heart of it all. Read on for what we want to see during the annual developer confab, and tell us know in the comments what showstoppers - or showsleepers - you think Google will whip out. Now that Apple has gotten serious about mobile payments with Apple Pay, we anticipate Google Wallet getting some love during IO 2015. Mountain View's mobile payment platform has bounced like a bad check, but as Apple gets into the game in a big way (have you been to a McDonald's in the US lately?), Google can't sit idly by as its biggest rival gobbles up NFC payment-dom. The world is still wary of mobile payments, especially in the wake of massive credit card hacks, so it's yet to be proven if Apple Pay (or any service) is the silver bullet to the anti-credit card conundrum.
We think Google will go for the former, otherwise all those years of pushing Glass on developers and executives sporting them on their brows will be for naught.
Speaking of things you put on your face, Google's DIY Cardboard VR headset was a fun yet potentially conspicuous surprise during last year's IO.
Google handed out the headset as a little something extra at the end of its Day 1 keynote, but you didn't need to be in attendance to get one because anyone can build the "no frills" viewer with a few acquired materials.

Whether this means Google delivers a more durable headset, reveals apps and games developed for Cardboard as-is, or introduces some virtual reality features somehow tied Glass, we don't know, but we can say the VR market is too hot for Google to pass up. As developers create health-enhancing programs for Android users and devices become better equipped to use Google Fit's feature set, there should be plenty to relay come dev con time. Stop us if you've heard this one before, but Google will make a play for your living room during IO 2015. What we hope is different this time around is Google coming at your favorite four walls with some kind of cohesive plan in place. The company recently announced Nexus Player, perhaps its most robust and practical entertainment offering to date, but don't expect it to stop there.
Google struck gold with Chromecast, the dirt cheap dongle some people own more than one of, so no one would be surprised if the firm returned to the formula with Chromecast 2 or another bargain bin-priced device. Yes, Google's wearable OS has taken hold in a surprisingly quick turnaround from announcement to market. However, in order for Google to truly be in the wearable conversation, we need to see its own branded hardware serve as the hallmark for what Android Wear can really do.
Dig Amazon Prime Music on your iPhone, but would rather not go sifting through songs or playlists when you just want to start streaming? It's an incredibly detailed tattoo, one whose proud owner looks like he just stepped out of Neuromancer.
Ludacris' character from the films, Tej Parker, will task you with tracking down the rides needed for the team's next big mission as you drive around the south of France. That being said, it's not too early to start thinking about what this year's IO will bring, from the big to the small.
Read on for the latest news and rumors surrounding the show, and let us know what you'd like to see in the comments below!
The biggest question surrounds whether this thing will actually work with so many parts options, and thankfully we'll get a chance to see if it can in the second half of the year. We know, that's after IO, but we wouldn't be surprised to hear more about this program, and maybe even some more test markets, before IO is in the books. Developers (the target IO audience) were also given access to Cardboard SDKs for Android and Unity.
Despite that - or maybe because of it - we want Google to swing for the fences with a revamped Google Wallet. Google has two choices, really: either try to re-capture the public's imagination with Glass (or, more fittingly, show it has real-world applications), or keep quiet and let Glass slide quietly out of sight.
We'd like to see just how far Fit has come in a year's time and what the future holds for Google and health.

In fact, Google is reportedly already working on Chromecast 2, making an IO reveal seem all the more likely. So far, this "scatter gun approach" (hat tip James Rivington) is only creating a series of half-baked products that no one is buying into. One could argue Google has more than enough of a stranglehold on the smartwatch market with Android Wear, and it's certainly a valid point. Give us something we can point to and say, "Hey, Apple, you see what Google came up with?" Give us something to strap on our wrists so we can complete the look with our Nexus phone, Nexus tablet and Google Glass.
The firm also released its Watch Face API, letting developers take a crack at creating their own watch faces. Its latest step appears to be a "Quality filter," first noticed by Anil Dash, that will curate your timeline in an attempt to hide unwanted messages.
Look for some nitty gritty on how Project Ara functions during the conference as well as a pitch to developers and components makers to bolster the Ara ecosystem.
Announcing Android 6 would fit Google's timeline for new mobile OS reveals; it was at IO 2014 that we first met "Android L," after all. There's six months between these announces and the conference, ample time to hire VR folks, improve the viewers design (Cardboard 2, anyone?) and create apps and games to prance out on the IO stage.
Google is currently testing this version and plans to put functioning vehicles on Northern California roads sometime this year. Following Android Auto's debut at IO 2014, you can bet your left blinker Google has more car talk planned for this year's gathering. There are now more places to pick up a Cardboard viewer, developers have access to SDKs for Android and Unity and makers scored some new building specs. What's more, who's to say Google won't have a fitness tracking wearable to show that puts Fit front and center?
Even more unlike the Apple Watch, the Google watch probably won't be on sale by the time IO 2015 rolls around (the Apple Watch release is slated for early 2015).
The concept is nothing new, but the fact Google released this specifically for iOS gives us a clue that more cross-OS functionality is top of Google's mind. Finally, Google said it's hiring for positions in Cardboard and VR, signaling this is far from the last we've heard about the DIY VR viewer.

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