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In questa specializzazione gli interventi effettivamente competenti e mirati possono essere condotti soltanto da soggetti che, come EDIL ERRE, hanno acquisito negli anni una esperienza diretta, supportata dalla massima preparazione organizzativa, tecnica ed operativa.
Grazie alla dotazione tecnica messa a disposizione delle maestranze e all'acquisizione delle piu avanzate tecnologie, siamo in grado di realizzare nuove costruzioni di qualsiasi dimensione e tipologia con tecniche tradizionali o di prefabbricazione. L'impresa EDIL ERRE individua le esigenze strutturali ed infrastrutturali delle industrie e delle aziende.
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A very special feature at the Northeast Georgia History Center is the 18th century cabin of Cherokee Indian Chief White Path.
White Path strongly protested the influence of white settlers in fiery oratory at the Cherokee capitol of New Echota. One of the reasons I love the little 26,531-circulation Victoria (Texas) Advocate is because the paper does a pretty great job now. Case in point: I heard this morning via Twitter from Chris Cobler, the editor of the Advocate.
The Denver Post today ran two mugshot graphics across the top of today’s front, in order to show how the court voted on two issues. The newly-converted-to-tabloid Burlington, Vt., paper also made a huge, reversed (for extra oomph) headline and a collection of mugs its lead art today. And while Hartford didn’t run a photo of Roberts out front today, it did make him the subject of its main headline.
And a number of papers followed along these lines — at least with their main headlines.
The New York Post took the opportunity to have quite a bit of right-wing fun with the story. Talk about a political spin: According to the Boston Herald, this decision gives Mitt Romney just the fodder he needs for a vigorous race this fall.
And, at first glance, this front-page editorial by tbt — the youth-oriented tabloid published by the Tampa Bay Times of St.
Las Vegas built its front around a series of iconesque pieces of stock art — in essence, building a graphic.

The Seattle Times did the same, but then used reverse bars to try to group its text boxes into categories. This, in fact, did give the Times‘ centerpiece a little more structure and made for a better reading experience.
My old friends in Des Moines did want a dominant image today, so they went with (what I presume is) stock art.
The same Gannett Design Studio that produced that last page also designed this one, for Iowa City.
These editors and designers knew the protest art from outside the Supreme Court building would be way too old to lead page one today. If the designers could have dumped the shot of the building, run the SCOTUS group shot across the width of the package and then put the two stories side-by-side, this might have worked a bit better. The paper in Youngstown, Ohio, used a graphic treatment down the left side of its lead package and an actual graphic across the bottom. Daytona Beach today went with what I’d try to describe as a collection of pictures and mug shots.
And I was concerned about these three pages, which have a) Very small pictures, and b) a lot of text. Those are all three Cox Communications newspapers, which are in the process of consolidating their design, graphics and copy desks this summer. The rail down the right might have worked better with simple bullets or larger lead-in text.
A strict follower of the traditional ways he spoke against the new Cherokee constitution and the introduction of Christianity by the missionaries. On a stop near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Chief White Path died and was buried beside Chief Fly Smith who also died during the night.
The former Focus page editor of the Orange County Register and graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register, he spent five years as an international consultant and instructor. You recognized right away that the protest shots that were moving all over the wires yesterday was not a good choice to lead today’s front page.
It refers to state officials, while the main visual shows the Supreme Court of the United States. A number of papers today dove into the political waters today by taking that bigger-picture look at Thursday’s court decision. Many focused on the fact that Republicans are pledging to either a) defeat the President this fall, b) repeal the legisation, or c) both. That sounds like it’s edging a bit towards advocating for the conservative point of view.

So they looked for ways to build their front pages around local folks who will be affected by the law. Or they didn’t take the opportunity to do a little trimming or use a little white space.
I’m under the impression this was a term that is mostly used by Republicans as an attempt at disparagement. If you are interested in applying for one of these jobs, please submit an Employment Application.
A skillful orator he frequently spoke out at the Cherokee national capitol at New Echota against ceding land to the white settlers. He eventually yielded to the new ways and focused his efforts on fighting the removal policies of his old comrade and now president, Andrew Jackson. Others made the readers hunt for that info in the little cutline labels (Bangor, Maine; below left). But the point is: This package told readers just what they needed to know today: Why should I care? During White Path’s time the cabin consisted of a single room downstairs with a loft above. In 1814 he joined General Andrew Jackson to fight the Creeks at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in Alabama.
He and Chief John Ross traveled to Washington to denounce the removal treaty signed as void. 1835, with authentic furnishings, typical of a Cherokee home just prior to the removal. In the land lottery of 1832 the cabin and the land it was on was awarded to the Pinson family who were white settlers. He along with a small band of Cherokees was instrumental in securing victory for Jackson when they stole the Creeks’ canoes, cutting off their escape by water.
They also extended the loft into a full story under the eaves to bring it to the full size that it remains today. The cabin was relocated onto its current site in 1995 under the direction of Counte Cooley, a descendent of White Path, and of James Mathis.

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