Using a mobile phone can give you high blood pressure – perhaps due to the stress certain conversations can cause, new research suggests.
This is the number which doctors pay most attention to when assessing a patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease. The participants, whose average age was 53, were seated in a comfortable armchair in a doctor’s consulting room and were left alone after the first blood pressure reading was taken.
Dr Giuseppe Crippa, of William of Saliceto Hospital in Italy, said: a€?The subset of patients who were more accustomed to phone use were younger, which could show younger people are less prone to be disturbed by telephone intrusions.
It has long been known that high blood pressure can significantly increase the risk of heart disease.

Now wide variations in blood pressure are also recognised as an important risk factor compared with readings that show little difference over a 24-hour period.
Several years ago my boss, Arianna Huffington, passed out from exhaustion after staying up late to catch up on work. AA 2008 studyA funded by major mobile phone makers themselves showed that people exposed to mobile radiation took longer to fall asleep and spent less time in deep sleep. The itch to check in at all hours of the night or wake up to the sound of a text message disrupts our sleep, too. A quarter of young people feel like they must be available by phone around the clock, according toA a Swedish studyA that linked heavy cell phone use to sleeping problems, stress and depression.

Unreturned messages carry more guilt when the technology to address them lies at our fingertips.

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