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Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor. RCMP say a driver reaching for his cell phone caused a four vehicle crash on Wednesday.The 35-year-old man was driving on Mt.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) on Friday said that tracking of cell phones overseas is legally authorised under a sweeping US presidential order.
The Washington Post said the collection inadvertently scoops up an unknown amount of American data as well.
The NSA said Friday it was not tracking every foreign phone call and said it takes measures to limit how much US data is collected. Vines said the collection of the global cell phone location data is carried out under the White House order that governs all US espionage, known as Executive Order 12333.
A frequent justification for the NSA programmes by President Barack Obama and top US intelligence officials is that they are overseen by all three branches of government.

The NSA spokeswoman, Vines, said legal restrictions under the intelligence law still apply to the cell phone tracking.
The exact number of such devices floating in the mainland is impossible to predict, but the bank analysts met with people on the ground only to determine that the size of "Shanzhai" sales is much larger than previously thought, hence the global cell phone sales forecast upping.As for our beloved smartphones, Deutsche Bank pins 30% growth compared to last year, to 423 million units, which is roughly a quarter of all phones sold.
I really think despite early negative reaction, Microsoft struck gold with their relationship with Nokia. Seymour Parkway when he reached for his cell phone which had fallen into the centre console of his 2005 Chevrolet Uplander.The distraction caused the driver to swerve right and crash into a parked vehicle. The distinction means the extraordinary surveillance programme is not overseen by a secretive US intelligence court but is regulated by some US lawmakers, Obama administration insiders and inspectors general.
The NSA has declined to provide any estimates about the number of Americans whose cell phones it has tracked either because they were traveling overseas or their data was irrevocably included in information about foreigners' cell phones.
That means congressional committees and relevant inspectors general can oversee the program, but the secret court established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act would not.
When NSA analysts realize they unintentionally collected an American's information, they would have to separate it when possible or wall it off from the other information, and limit who can access it and how long it is kept.

Please understand that comments are moderated and it is not always possible to publish all that have been submitted. Of those 220 million will be Android handsets in various forms and sizes, 80 million iPhones, 70 million Nokias and 50 million BlackBerry devices. It also makes it less likely that the NSA cell phone tracking would be affected by legal changes under consideration on Capitol Hill — most of which would involve changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. But an intelligence lawyer also told the Post that when US cell phone data are collected, the data are not covered by the Fourth Amendment, which protects Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures. Some comments may be republished on the website or in the newspaper – email addresses will not be published. It seems that Google's Eric Schmidt was right saying that the pie is getting bigger, so there will be room for everyone who is not too late to the smartphone party, which is exactly what Microsoft is betting on with Windows Phone.

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