1) Ability to list your mobile phone – including privacy controls that allow you to hide the number.  This makes you reachable just like a landline white pages listing.  Why list yourself?  Think about it – wouldn’t you want to be reachable if someone found your wallet or if your neighbors saw someone questionable trying to get into your back door?
Last but not least, please be assured that we won’t misuse the names and phone numbers you look up by spamming them with unsolicited phone calls or text messages to use our service – that’s not the way we do business. This entry was posted in Whitepages News, Your Digital Identity and tagged carrier, cell phone plan, free calls, lower bills, Mobile, reverse lookup, save money.
Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising.
Nicolai and other experts share tips for making sure your resume steers clear of the trash pile. If you write, 'references upon request' at the bottom of your resume, you're merely wasting a valuable line, says career coach Eli Amdur. Oh, and you know how you feel that everyone must love you because you're so impressive and good at everything and have such an amazing track record, guess what. And there's nothing wrong with the (half) line "References will be provided upon request" - despite what someone that has written something says.
You may not want to over price yourself for a position, but if your salary requirements are (significantly) higher than the salary range that the employer is looking to offer, then guess what, you're not a suitable applicant. So all of these things, combined, makes it a pretty straight forward process for me, or indeed any other well prepared and realistic potential employee. Of course we all have to battle competition, and there may not be that many roles out there that i'm interested in or suitable for, but given a fairly healthy economy things would work out before long. I think Mr Yousuck read your comment in totally the wrong way, and please don't think all of us interpreted your comment in the same unkind way. Further to your advice, I was wondering, what do you think about the career objective statement?
And in regards to contact details on a resume, what about if you are completing an application form online that requests personal information like email, mobile number etc.
So when I write, or say, something which is an honest, no holds barred, warts n all, reflection of how I view particular situations, it is no longer any surprise to me that some idiots will respond with personal attacks - and then they completely forget to attack any of the points that i've made. Personally I don't read such bull shit as Objective Statements, Cover Letters or whatever else life draining prose is thrown at me.

Of course everyones situation is unique and it's difficult for any advice to be a blanketed response, but generally I would say unless there's a particularly good reason to do otherwise, that it would be best not to bore the reader of your resume to tears with some airy fairy rendition of how you would like to live your life should you find some fairy dust and become able to conjure up the perfect scenario for yourself.
For a junior, or someone making a significant career change, then it would make sense to have something that most people won't read on your resume - but in most cases there's no point.
Firstly, you should only be applying to companies and positions that you feel are of genuine interest to yourself. If, however, you think or know that it's a bonefide organisation and that you are likely to be interested in and suitable for the position, then what's the harm in re-writing your contact details?
I'd bite the bullet and give them what they need to be able to contact you should they wish to do so. Also, it's better if you have a chance to tell your references ahead of time that a future employer might be calling. Generally your photo will either scare the bejesus out of us or will provide some unrequired titilation. The main reason for that is that some recruiters AND employers will abuse that information. Recruiters and employers (generally) don't want to disrupt your current working arrangements - so don't put them in the position that they may unknowingly do that.
Yes, the recruitment industry has finally caught on to the fact that meaningless waffle will not help your application. I thought it was actually very funny and also helpful - just the right balance of insights, wit and humour! They want us to believe them just because we're supposed to be offended by someone that doesn't fluff up their opinion with nice pieces of candy and imagery of kittens. Whether he texts or calls, he’ll get some feminist wisdom courtesy of bell hooks, activist, author, and all-around feminist MVP.
The best would be if women were not required to engage in all this exhausting and ridiculous subterfuge just to ensure our own safety and happiness. Some recruiters will simply try to market their services to the referee, which may be contrary to your interests (and certainly won't benefit you).
I can't disagree with it totally, as there is some merit to the advice, but it's really not a significant factor.

I used to disagree with this - mainly because I don't feel that applicants personal life should overly affect their professional life, but given the prevalence of free email accounts nowadays and the fact that a certain proportion of employers will avoid applicants due to "offensive" email account names I have a reluctant tendency to agree with this advice. In fact, it seems as if you've gone so far as to create a bogus account solely to insult me. Should we also point out that it seems that you also enjoy insulting people for no good reason. But you don’t want to just give out your real phone number to someone you really hope to never cross paths with again.
Other recruiters and employers will go right ahead and perform reference checks before they've even met you.
Aren't there other more important points that could be made, or advice that could be given.
It really depends on a) how comfortable you in giving out unrequired potentially sensitive information to complete strangers, b) how inflexible you are on your salary - if you are flexible, then stating an amount is potentially counter productive, c) if you're happy to risk underselling yourself, d) if you want to save your time and others by providing highly relevant information which may quickly determine your lack of suitability for a position. Any company that would employ you for "10+ years" is not worth working for, neither for myself or anybody.
And, you know, since you are such an expert jobhunter, I'm sure with your skill and indomitable charm, you would be on your feet again in no time! You've called me arrogant without indicating how I have been, and thus have put us in the position in which we're supposed to believe you simply because you say something - bit arrogant, and thus hypocritical, of you, don't you think.
At the end of the day people with prejudices are people with prejudices - not listing certain information up front may get you over the first hurdle but will it stop the same hurdles popping up later down the track? Every thing you do that makes the process more difficult is getting you closer to the "do no bother" pile.

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