For those of you who just picked up a brand, new Verizon Galaxy S4 SCH-i545, there’s a root method out now. Currently, Verizon Galaxy S4 bootloader is locked, meaning you cannot use CWM or TWRP root method. Also, the VRUAMDK kernel on the Verizon Galaxy S4 comes with SU-co*k-block which makes it hard to root.
BUT, there is a way to do this by flashing a pre-release VRUAMD2 kernel using ODIN, then using Motochopper to root, then re-flashing the VRUAMDK stock kernel. Make sure after motochopper is done, you open SuperSU app at least once and update binaries. Oh, try updating SuperSU app in Play Store after motochopper is done, then update binaries, then re-install stock kernel, should work.
Max my man, same problem as Noel, I have Verizon S4 and I flashed the kernal with odin, opened up super user and it had no updates available so i flashed the kernal again with odin and tried running Titanium backup to find an error message that my phone was not rooted.
Forced the kernell with odin again and installed SUPERSU from the android market and ditched SUPERUSER.
S4M, the same thing happened to me, I used SUPERURSER, and not SuperSU, and at the end i wasn’t rooted.

I think the problem was with SUPERUSER and it did not want to update when I ran it and for some reason thats key to this process. Thank you so much, I followed what you said and I finally rooted it and verified it via TI. Hi, I updated SU while in VRUAMD2 from play store, but when I opened the super user app to update the binaries, nothing happend, or rather, it wasn’t apparent if something did.
I tried uninstalling then reinstalling SuperSU and superuser and it wont ask me to update bianary since I already tried it with both. Some more googling points out that the ability to access hidden codes via the keypad has been removed from some S4 models.
I was able to successfully flash to the pre-release kernel, run motochopper, install super su, and update binaries. After waiting for a few minutes, I turned off the phone and booted it up and it still has the pre-release kernel on it. Let go of all buttons when you see the warning screen and hit Volume up button to enter ODIN download mode. Is this just a result of editing the video to include something which did not actually occur at this point in the process?

After root, superSU, updated binaries, and confirmed root access (Ti backup), ODIN is not able to complete the setup connection step. It gives you the power to freeze applications that are annoying, bloatware, or are possibly giving you permissions errors.
Just a thought (As if you aren’t busy enough already and are just LOOKING for something extra to do eh?
I can speak for everyone when I say…We ALL greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into each and everything you do.
I don’t need tether usually, (and now I have lost unlimited data) so this is not a big feature for me.
I then proceeded to flash the 2nd kernel again and checked to see if my phone was rooted with TI.

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