Rarely, you  may also need to find MAC Address, Network Statistics and Hardware Settings of NIC Card as well.
In this article, we will discuss different commands which can be used to find all these information.Let us start by finding the Network Card model number and chipset used in it. This information can be handy when you want to download a driver for the Network Card or you wanted to check whether the NIC card is supported by your Linux Operating System. If you are using Ubuntu or Debian, then use the command apt-get install pciutils to enable lspci command.lspci command provides very detailed information about all PCIbuses and devices in the system. So if you need detailed information about the NIC card, then we can specify more options to the lspci command. Here I can find Chipset, Model number, NIC Driver information, Buffer size and different capabilities of the NIC card. If you run the above said command in your machine, you should see something similar to this (Please check the screenshot provided below).Another way to find hardware information is by using lshw command.

By default, lshw command is not available on your Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or RedHat system. To install lshw, you need to setup right repository using YUM or apt-get.  Once you configured repository, run the command apt-get install lshw for Ubuntu or Debian Linux.
As you know that, NIC manufactures often release newer drivers and firmware for the NIC cards.
So in many occasion, we may need to find the existing version of NIC driver and the current firmware of NIC card. In Linux, we can easily find this information by using ethtool command.I assume that your machine have at-least one Network Interface Card (NIC) available and the name of the NIC is eth0.
Now try the command:ethtool -i eth0I ran the ethtool -i eth0 command in my machine and got the following results (you may check the screenshot). To install ethtool on your Fedora, CentOS or RedHat machine, run the command yum install ethtool and if you are using Ubuntu or Debian Linux, you could run the command apt-get install ethtool.If above said command does not work, we can use you dmesg command.

In Linux, dmesg command will display the system message buffer and helps to view log messages related to the most recent Linux system start-up. You could find all these information by using following command:ethtool –s eth0Here is the output for you.
This information is very useful while you troubleshoot network card related issues in Linux.Another method is to use the ifconfig command. Most NIC card has a maximum frame size of 1500 bytes, so most devices use 1500 as their default MTU but we can increase this value if required. Personally I do not trust this tool as this utility is old and may not correctly report the speed of 10GBPS NIC cards.

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