Its directly soldered to the board which isn't a problem but if there is a new style that doesn't work like that I can adapt to it no problem.
My guess would be you'd have to match it up with something that has a similar footprint w similar ratings. As the nation prepares to observe Memorial Day, Simpson College would like to thank the men and women in uniform, and their families, for their sacrifice.
The program includes income tax exemptions for veterans, hiring preference for veterans and a military home ownership assistance program, among other features.

The Kent Campus Center, one of the newer buildings on campus, has become a popular student destination for visiting, eating and studying. We want veterans to attend Simpson College, because they have the life experiences and knowledge that benefits our entire campus community. Because of graduates like John Osborn ’94, who enjoyed his Carnegie Hall debut earlier this month in a performance of “William Tell.” It’s another example of how success starts at Simpson College. We know from past experience that our veterans become some of our most successful students.

The Simpson Bookstore is there, as well as the Principal Black Box Theatre, which is used for shows and other student events.
Check out the historic Simpson display in the walkway between the Kent Campus Center and the Steven Johnson Fitness Center.

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