The manual (Manual supplied by Chinese Vendor is XYZ i know) is not very clear about the usage especially in commands (send text message to interact with the device).
Free Tracking Software-this device is compatible with Google Earth,you don't need to pay.No Activation Fee,No Software use Fee. Realtime GPRS or 20sec GSM-GPRS can be used in real-time up to the second and GSM can be set to send text messages every 20 seconds.
Lost signal alert-if the tracker looses signal,for example it goes into underground garage,it will trigger an SMS alert with the last known coordinates.
Despite how advance technology has developed, it’s still a challenge to locate stolen electronic devices.
Each iPhone is unique because it has its own IMEI number, serial number and more recently it can also be tied to an ICCID number (you can find all these under Settings, General, About).

The Police have two methods for tracking your iPhone when it’s stolen, they can use your phone number or your IMEI number. You send a message admin123456 99887766 to the tracker, this will authorize the mobile number 99887766 to the allow-list. The tracker would hang up your call immediately, and you will receive a text message from the tracker to tell you the GPS Coordinate. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic! There’s still hope of finding it, or at least get a step closer to finding who has it. Apple’s Find My iPhone app may helped some people, but it gets pretty useless once the device is turned off and everything on it is wiped out.

The problem with your phone number is that thieves can easily just discard your SIM card and replace it another. CTN stands for Cellular Telephone Number, and ultimately the number that you’re looking for. However, with this piece of information that we can help you get, you will be a step closer to find who has your iPhone, who can either be a thief or a second hand buyer of your iPhone.
If your device has been initialize (just in case our staff has tested the device before shipping), try to change the password by sending a text message password123456 987654 to the tracker.

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