How can you entice someone to link you when you feel like you have NOTHING to give them in return?
A few days ago, this guy sent me an email to ask if I could help him out by sending him a few readers. There’s NOTHING in the email that gives me a reason to even CONSIDER sending him traffic. The reason why I’m pointing this out is because I get a million of these emails each week.
If you wanted to learn more about this very problem, I actually created a video and a free PDF where I go into this in detail. If you want someone to do ANYTHING for you, you must provide them an incentive for doing so. And the more important the person you’re contacting, the bigger incentive you must provide. I know we’re talking about blogging and links, but let me share a quick story about this guy Elliot Bisnow. The young entrepreneurs (many of which were on the 30 under 30), were SOLD… All because Elliot provided a GREAT incentive to network. Well, it turns out, when you want to contact someone, with hopes of persuading them to link you (or do something for you), you should appeal to one (or ALL) of these incentives.
Back when I launched my podcast, I had the desire to feature world-renowned researchers, New York Times best-selling authors, and professors from top universities. I noticed you have a book coming out in a few weeks, and I believe my readers, over at my blog, would eat it up.
The economic incentive was a bit self-explanatory, so how would this work from a social standpoint? I was wondering, would you be interested in doing a quick 20 minute interview where we talk about this piece of research? Now, to be quite honest, in this scenario, appealing to a moral incentive is quite weak, but I wanted to keep the examples consistent. I noticed you have a book coming out in a few weeks, and I believe my readers over at my blog would eat it up.
Would you be interested in doing a 30 minute interview where we talk about your book… and end with a pitch for your book? Right now I’ve got more than 70,000 subscribers, and I suspect we could sell a few hundred books. As you learned throughout this post, the secret to getting people to do something for you is providing an incentive to do it.
I see you are in the process of anvailing another priceless course to your readers, Seven Figure Courses, and I believe my audience will benefit from this a lot.
I was wondering if you would be available for a 20 min interview to discuss the course in greater detail. In the past I had great leaders like Tim, and Tony, featured on my blog, as well as some others you may be familiar with.
I had started my site as a means to help people realize their true potential, and help them grow, become happier, and be able to develop healthier relationships in their life.
We are a product company focusing on psychometric analysis of our audience leading to automated and accurate hiring&firing strategies adopted by companies worldwide. We would like our audience to hear from the best in the market and share your insights to the person next to them using digital marketing techniques using our product. I am a struggling photographer who just discovered your blog and now trying to figure out how to apply your tips to my business. Recently I’ve stumbled across some of your content and while still obscure I personally believe that you are on the RIGHT track. I realize content is specific and that specified content is the ONLY subject your present to your viewers, as with any other social mediaist. To elaborate on that, I as the individual have no sense of connection to you, also the individual other than the Specifically Honed, Informative Text. If this CATCHes your attention then please don’t reply with ANYTHING other than a friendly handshake and an interest in marketing and self growth.
While I found some of your examples tailored to your massive size audience, meaning, you have a huge leverage because you have 70,000 readers, so it makes your requests a little more convincing, still…great ideas. I recently did a talk with a teacher who finished their training in India, though I find that your experience has more value.
With so much information on the web, and yoga teachers balancing their time between home, classroom and day job, we can help provide them with action tips to help them.
I was first attracted to your blog after I had spent about 6 to 7 trips to the craft store trying to stamp silk flowers.
Personally if I liked an article, I would be happy to post the work of someone else, but I have 0 readers, so what do I know. Signed up for your email, reading your ebook to get 5k Subscribers, and I am eating up all of your content.

The drafting technique seems to be something that is more easily applicable for driving traffic. I will implement your findings and do an article about how you have helped and how I think other people in ministry should implement your Psychology + Marketing tactics. Loved the post and especially the part about the three types of Incentives to get people to do what you want them to, I think it really does works.
I do have a question about the example you gave where the blogger is trying to get a link from the high traffic blog for finding the a€?Design is Kinga€? research. I’ve used similar emails to interview over 150 guests for my podcast that features authors and coaches and connects potential promotional joint venture partners. When I contacted a publisher I had more success, even though I had no idea what I was doing. I just wrote my first premium piece of content (links in sig) and i used two of these exact tactics to get my work pimped out on Facebook by a very popular blogger in the mark money online space (financial + moral). I appreciate you sharing your expertise with me … much of it without asking for a thing in return. I’ve been a dedicated reader of yours for a few years now, and I believe my readers would fall in love with you immediately. Would you be interested in doing a 20 minute interview, where we talk about blogging techniques, tips and tricks, in honor of the last time you’re offering your blogging course?
I’ve also featured the founder of 3BStreet, an alternative to Etsy where the sellers must apply and the website is orientated around the buyers.
Please let me know if you’re interested, it would make me giggle like a fool to get a yes! My question is this: If this link is to the research that he found, how does the blogger who found the research get a link to his site? Wouldn’t the smaller blogger who wants the link be better off doing a post on his site about this research and then linking to the research from within that post.
You only get one shot at that first contact so it’s important to get the tine exactly right. It take me a little while to get things to sink in, but, when I believe in them, it works for me. Choosing to add a furry friend to your growing household is a long-term commitment, and picking a breed that fits your lifestyle is the key to a happy home. Named after its ability to catch animals that flee up trees and its original breeders, George Washington Maupin and John Walker of Tennessee, the Treeing Walker Coonhound is typically thought of as a smaller version of the Beagle.
A great family dog, the Treeing Walker Coonhound is an extremely affectionate breed and good with children of all ages.
Its sure that The Big Bang Theory is one of the best sitcoms ever and as usual every character in the show has something unique. In almost every episode something he probably does something unique but these are the 10 best Sheldon Cooper memes I could find out. But at 922 pounds, big is an understatement for the world's largest living cat, according to the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records. Hercules is a liger -- the hybrid offspring of a male lion and a tigress -- who lives at the Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve in South Carolina. Ligers, which do not exist in the wild, can grow to twice the size of their parents and weigh about a hundred times more than the average house cat. The safari, also known as TIGERS –- The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species –- where tours are given by reservation, is owned by Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who also founded the Rare Species Fund in 1982, to help endangered wildlife around the world such as elephants, rhinos, orangutans and other big cats.
He had some questions about business and decided that the best advice would come from other young entrepreneurs.
Would you be interested in doing a 20 minute interview, and I would feature it to all of my readers? We can highlight your research to all of my listeners, and hopefully we can both make the world a little bit smarter! I started this podcast as a way to promote the hard work of researchers like you, so I hope you have 30 minutes where I can highlight your new book. I hope you can will able to join me for the interview, and maybe together we can help people realize their passion, and create a healthier, better world. Goes unsaid, Great insights and unique takeaways on all these topics (and I speak on behalf of my superiors).
I am a mom who just recently turned to be the sole provider to the family who needs help so bad because I am freaking out how we could work this out financially. As two individuals trying to connect for the greater GOOD of whatever purpose may be I HIGHLY recommend you deeply consider my words. If that sounds far fetched then you can certainly believe YOU have plenty to learn from ME. I am positive my audience will be excited to hear from you and we can feature your program in the process? Offering a pastor’s perspective on news stories, that can be just the polarizing thing to make the journalist go viral.

Ia€™ve been studying a lot of marketing psychology lately and what you posted here has tremendous value.
In the example email you stated: a€?I stumbled on some research that PROVES design is king. It’s been a great way to get a steady flow of guests for my weekly JV ATTRACTION newsletter and blog! I went back to see your response to Lindsey Matre, that had such a HUGE success for her from your feedback, but I couldn’t find it. With another reply, I received an invite to meet up and discuss how he could help me find a job! While it is rare for me to contact other bloggers (I would rather focus more on future career contacts), I do often contact professors and professionals.
I was offering something new (a journal of student reactions to their education), and I was willing to do most the work. On educator blogs their seems to be a uniform agreement that their students communications skills are lacking. How would you like to do a short interview for my site to share the highlights of your story? If it were our blog post, that particular post would discuss the research we found then I presume.
Going to test some of these techniques out and test to see how we can continuously improve results.
I believe there are multiple properties in the Mississauga area, which you would find attractive. The breed makes an excellent hunter as it will not only chase its prey up the tree, but also howl until the hunter arrives. In need of numerous amounts of exercise, this breed is not recommended for apartment life and would do best with access to a yard and a swimming pool. Apart form every one else we can never forget Sheldon Cooper or Dr Sheldon Cooper who has a uniqueness in everything he does.
After watching your first video, I immediately got hooked and became a customer for your software.
Using a highly specific combination and form of PSYCHOLOGY and MARKETING I’ve learned how to not only tap into peoples interest and emotions but also their ambitions. I too, am looking for the RIGHT words to say as I am linking up with others through LinkedIn to network my way into a company to get hired.
From the first one I contacted I just got a curt reply, responding in bullet points to all of my questions. So many Big Apple ladies will be thrilled to be introduced to you and your fabulous work – you’re such a vision of light that inspires young women! Would you be interested if I were to start sending you some suitable places for you to review? Happiest in warm and sunny climates, the Treeing Walker Coonhound is a very active and hyper dog.
If you clearly look into this you will easily figure out that every thing is says is somewhere or the other inspiring in some or the other way.
If you're looking for an energetic and playful pup that is good with children, find out everything you need to know about the Treeing Walker Coonhound. With hunting instincts and a strong sniffer, it is known to be a loud howler and big drooler that gets along well with other pups. I am looking for ways to book photoshoot coz that is the only fast access I have right now. Jesus (you don’t actually buy Jesus, or grace, but evangelism is basically selling right?).
I email Dr Stanley the spell caster and i told him my problem and i did what he asked of me, to cut the long story short. Playing and engaging in fun with the kiddos, it'll chase them around the yard until they rest. What I love to do and that would keep me sane and a happier mom to my children despite all the chaos in life right now. Before i knew what was happening my husband gave me a call and told me that he was coming back to me in just 3days and was so happy to have him back to me. Once the sun is down, this pup will cuddle up with the family, while someone gives it a good rubdown. Finally, when I do e-mail someone, I always include a quick story of who I am, and then why I am contacting them.

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