If you ever travel in China by train, make sure you don’t have any porno on your cell phone, or else you could be jailed! On December 29, 2009, 9 am in the morning at Shaoxing train station, Zhejiang province, I just got off the train and was stopped by couple of policemen. In the afternoon of January 6, the reporter and Zhao Peng called Shaoxing, Zhejiang Railway station police and asked about this incident. This was just in today, according to Netease, after Zhao Peng’s post got much attention from the media. Just to share – Sometime last year a Singaporean was arrested on arrival in Australia for having ponographic movies in his lap-top. My take is that this is a very private thing, no one got harmed, and people are entitle to their privacy. Just to share – that Singaporean was arrested because he had child pornography on his computer. Picture those policemen standing there, waiting for some poor chap to walk past and stop, and then picture them shaking him down for some cash so they could go and visit their friendly local xiao jie, or Tobacconist.
For some rural families, however, bad roads make it prohibitive to travel the distance to government agencies to secure birth certificates.
First launched in 2013, in a partnership with the mobile carrier Tigo and UNICEF, a mobile-based system by Tanzanian government now allows health workers to deliver birth certificates in a matter of days using SMS. Keeping better civil registration and vital statistics is seen by academics as an important step for African countries to provide better government services to their citizens. It makes sense that the government is increasingly trying to leverage mobile technology to deliver services. The aim now is to provide birth certificates to about a million children before the end of this year alone and register 90% of all babies born within the next five years. Sign up for the Quartz Africa Weekly Brief — the most important and interesting news from across the continent, in your inbox.
The micro-SIM is a smaller version of a SIM card found in your mobile phone, but holds exactly the same functions and micro-applications. A micro-SIM is basically smaller than a normal SIM card like you have and will only work in an iPad or iphone 4 and a watch phone by Lok8u,.
You can see from the images below and see the sim is much smaller than normal but the inner workings of the sim chip are the same with only small modifications that will be further explained down below in the article. Should i use Scissors or a Knife or Blade to Cut my Sim to Micro Sim Format to use in ipad or Apple 4 ?
Not so Fast as thier was some news in today from Apple that might put a damper on your plans to save yourself a Wad of Notes. A better option would be to contact your carrier to get a micro-SIM card or if you do want to convert a normal sim to a micro sim use the Micro sim Cutter Option and if you need to convert your micro sim back to normal you can also use micro sim adapters.. Another reason Apple moved to the new format was a smart marketing technique. Their is nothing new about the micro sim other than the change of size and apple know this would be good talking point for others to create more talk and publicity around their products and people will percieve also the micro sim is special for apple products or even made by them.
The micro sim was first used by Lok8u, they were the first to ship a micro-SIM product in the United States — a watch that relays the location of children from their wrists to their parents’ cellphones.Jobs Got in Second on the Act here but will claim the Glory and portray this as Apples invention too. Makes perfect business sense from Apple’s point of view, but seems a riff off as the Device is Purchased Sim Free and such Restrictions should not be placed. The two types of Micro Sim card for Apple ipad & Iphone 4 Explained and Can you use if you convert you existing sims to micro sim format. If you already have a Good mobile contract Deal with Free Data allowance this Leaves you with the Following options if you convert you network sim to micro format and buy a Sim Free iphone 4 or Ipad 3G. Can i use my Data only Sim from my existing data dongle or Mifi with Sim Free Ipad & Iphone 4G ? The UK O2 network is offering its daily tariff (?2 per day for 500MB) but users need to wait for Friday before they can order their SIM.
Do you have an Apple iPad or planning to buy one soon – Did you know that your existing SIM card will not fit? From what I’ve read so far, the only difference between a regular GSM (Mini) SIM and a 3FF MicroSIM is the size and, supposedly, the content in both cases is exactly the same.
So for users who use already have sims will posses the ones that are voice and data enabled by the network or service provider. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
But, have you noticed how cellphones have a tendency to just take over and constantly demand a significant part of your attention?

Cellphones are literally masters of distraction and they can take your attention away from just about anything instantly and consistently. The ability to instantly connect with anyone has its advantages, but it also has its costs if not managed properly. Research has proven that workers distracted by email and phone calls suffer from many issues, even including a fall in IQ during the period of distraction. And, the usual justification that multitasking allows you to accomplish more also doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. Make a leap of faith and realize everything will not explode just because you don’t instantly know when an e-mail or text message comes in.
It’s great that you can do just about everything on your cellphone, but when you pick it up to use it, decide what you are going to do, use it, and get out. If you are interested in really getting the most out of all your experiences, increasing your productivity and being less stressed and overwhelmed, start paying attention to how you are using your cellphone. Related Posts4 Unconventional Ways To Eliminate The Distractions That Keep You From Creating Your Best WorkCellphone vs. Also make sure you know the cost of each minute and text message, as well as photo texts and any other services you may wish to use. If you don’t like the confusion of a pay as you go plan, then you may prefer a solid monthly prepaid contract. Chongqing resident Zhao Peng (not his real name) never would have thought 7 years have passed but similar incident happened again; this time it happened to him, his cell phone had a clip of Japanese adult video which caused him being arrested. And his cell phone was not turned on, the policemen switched on his phone without his permission.
An anonymous staff confirmed the incident, he said, recently in order to ensure the railway safety; the railway station police are conducting random inspections on the passengers.
Perhaps such antiquated laws should be amended not only in China but in many countries around the world. More than 90% of children in east Africa’s second largest economy have no birth certificates. Without birth certificates it is difficult for children to get adequate healthcare, education and just any basic government service. Like a regular SIM, the micro-SIM holds your subscriber information for the carrier and is great for storing phone book contacts and other personal information. Micro-SIMs are user-replaceable and slide into a little slot in your device just like regular SIMs.
The size of the micro-SIM is about a half of a regular SIM card (12×15 mm instead of 15x25mm). It would be reckless to consider taking a pair of scissors to cut the plastic of a regular SIM cards to make a micro-SIM. Changing down to the micro format so that they can make it much harder to fit Gadgets inside the iphone 4 or ipad sim gates. Does it seem only appropriate that when your cellphone rings you should answer it the vast majority of the time regardless of who you are with or what you are doing?
The majority of us probably need to take a look and change how we manage our cellphone use.
You can go through life on autopilot jumping from one e-mail to the next, responding to voice mail messages, and not really ever paying enough attention to the experiences happening right in front of you. Don’t underestimate the damage caused by allowing your cellphone to constantly require you to multitask. The problem is when switching back and forth from one task to cell phone management is your standard operating procedure. Reserve blocks of times to devote your complete attention to things you need to get done, your kids, your spouse, your driving!
Take a look at who is trying to contact you and decide if you really need to respond right away.
You will be amazed at the positive impact that managing your cellphone in the right way will have on everything you do. Sibyl writes about the importance of seeing life from a different perspective and discovering alternaviews. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more.
These are very similar because you pay ahead for a set number of services with a quantity of credit for each.

The government is now looking to expand the initiative into the rest of the country in the next five years.
Though it contains the same information, it is not physically compatible with regular SIM cards found in your mobile phone. Anyone who would attempt to do so would risk damaging both their SIM and also the SIM slot of the device but its possible with some Skill.
From what I understand, this classification is done by the network operator in order to determine what set of services to provide and the SIMs are essentially the same otherwise, yet from this article, I seem to understand that the SIMs are different altogether. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. It is not that you are totally oblivious to what is going on, but let’s face it, if you are continually being disrupted by your cellphone, you are just not nearly as engaged as you could be. This way your messages don’t accumulate and you can be fairly confident you are not going to miss anything really time sensitive because you are checking your messages regularly. As a human resources professional, she has many years of experience counseling, coaching and helping other people realize their potential. Many South African consumers experiencing blacklisting, however they manage to work around it until they can correct the situation and get back on their regular mobile phone plans. They may not be quite as extensive or high tech as those that come with traditional cell phone plans, but they work just as well and often cost less. Is there really anything wrong with multitasking and taking the occasional call during dinner, or checking e-mail while you are in a meeting?
Most major service providers offer pay as you go alternatives to customers, so you have many options to work with.
Planning ahead of time is key to saving money with a prepaid cell phone contract.  The best part about the prepaid option is that there are no surprises.
Your flat fee will include text messages, calls and data usage for that month (with quantity limitations). Furthermore, if both SIMs are actually different, then can you please elaborate upon this difference.
Try to find a provider that many of your most frequently called or texted people use if you can. Some South African consumers prefer the monthly prepaid plan because it doesn’t require an agreement. First he looked through my phone book then he looked through all the media files on the phone. It can also save your life in an emergency situation or help iron out problems that arise unexpectedly. This can help reduce costs if your phone comes with any free or unlimited mobile-to-mobile credits. If your tight on cash one month, you won’t get a surprise phone bill that is higher than usual because of a few extra texts or long distance calls. Cell phone contracts for blacklisted people are available so you can continue to enjoy the luxury of modern technology.
In today’s hectic modern world, many people feel that they cannot survive without their mobile device.
That’s why many choose to look into cell phone contracts for blacklisted people rather than forgoing cell phone use all together. Pay as you go cell phone contracts for blacklisted people work best when carefully budgeted.
We can detain you.” I said, “Having AV in cell phone is not just me, 90% of men’s cell phones all have them, why don’t you inspect them? Their is nothing new about the micro sim other than the change of size and apple know this would be good talking point for others to create more talk and publicity around their products and people will percieve also the micro sim is special for apple products or even made by them.
Today’s News Puts a Damper on the Hopes of People wanting to use their existing network Simcard on the Apple Ipad Apple has added a section to its iPhone FAQ confirming that you won’t be able to use one Micros SIM in both the smartphone and the Apple iPad. The iPhone 4 is for regular use, whereas with the iPad we offer moreflexibility over data use.” Makes perfect business sense from Apple’s point of view, but seems a riff off as the Device is Purchased Sim Free and such Restrictions should not be placed.

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