Did you know that people somehow managed to live for thousands of years without cell phones?  Crazy, huh? If we didn’t have cell phones, how would our teens text from the bathroom that they need more toilet paper?
If we didn’t have cell phones, how would I call from our driveway to have someone bring out my purse, because I forgot it and I need my ID, because I’m on my way to workout? If we didn’t have cell phones how would my son, while sitting 2 seats down from me at his sister’s graduation ceremony, text me during the keynote speech with emergency requests, like “Can I get Tetris?”?
If we didn’t have cell phones how would we find new things to get mad at people for, like not charging their cell phone or for not being reachable every second of everyday no matter where they are?
If we didn’t have cell phones, what would our kids beg to play with while waiting forever at the doctor’s office? If we didn’t have cell phones, how would we ever find each other again when we get separated at Costco?
If we didn’t have cell phones how would we take pictures of people doing goofy things and instantly send it to them, just in case they forgot that they did that? If we didn’t have cell phones when would we ever use the phrase “Can you hear me now?” or “Will you call my phone?  I can’t find it.”? If we didn’t have cell phones, how would we text lies about when we left and how soon we’ll be there?

If we didn’t have cell phones, how would we ignore each other while we’re waiting for the server to bring us our food in restaurants?
If we didn’t have cell phones, how would I be able to instantly Google what year The Black Eyed Peas came out with I Got A Feeling, and prove that my friend, Tom, is so wrong? If we didn’t have cell phones, how would I light the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night so I don’t knock a toe off on the mess in our bedroom? If we didn’t have cell phones how would we get consistent commentary, complete with photos, on what everyone we know is eating? What would you add to this list?  I’m sure there are countless vital roles cell phones play in our lives that I’m forgetting. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There were many among conservatives who were elated with the announcement of a Special Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks and even more so when we got the news that its chairman would be Rep Trey Gowdy (R-SC).
Many of those same people are beginning to have a much different outlook on things now, and while they aren’t yet willing to totally abandon hope that Gowdy is sincere in his efforts to get to the bottom of things, they have some very real concerns. An independent non-governmental group, the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, has been conducting their own investigations into the events at Benghazi for a year and a half as well as conducting efforts to persuade Congress to act to ascertain the truth as to just what happened. Group founders include retired Generals Paul Vallely and Tom McInerney, retired Admiral James Lyons, and Accuracy in Media Editor Roger Aronoff.

Has Trey Gowdy been all mouth and no action or is he afraid of the Americas first black mad dog president?
They are among those who now are voicing concerns at the level of the effort being expended and the direction of the Benghazi hearings.
Of coarse if Trey keeps this up he will lose his leadership and membership role on the committee. This is common  today and many young female interns meet their fate when they are used up and preagnant. By the speaker of the house who is in charge and who also is fond of Pelosi and Clinton and a dear friend of Obama. It is to bad that we did not see a change recently because the party members did not want to lose their positions and so called accomplishments, you know wealth before principle!

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