Ia€™ve broken the cost into time-based costs that you incur whether you use the motorhome or not, mileage-based costs that you incur as you travel down the road, usage-based costs that you incur to live in the motorhome, and other costs, which I pretty much ignore.
The following makes numerous assumptions and cuts quite a few corners to arrive at representative costs without having to fill a book. If you buy a motorhome and park it in the barn behind your house and never use it, it still costs money.
Your manufacturera€™s warranty should cover major repairs during the warranty period (typically one to three years) but after that you need a service contract.
Let me begin by reiterating that the numbers presented here are representative but far from exact. NoteOver WiFi means "while on a separate high-speed internet connection, such as your home high-speed internet connection". Touch Mobile logos and marks are displayed solely for the purpose of describing the refill and replenishment products that we sell.
If you have the wanderlust and will use it for a significant part of the year and youa€™re smart when you make the purchase, ita€™s a bargaina€”how else can a middle-class couple possibly afford to travel full or near-full time? Based on what Ia€™ve learned from others and verified by surfing NADA and the online sales sites, depreciation runs about 18% the first year, 10% the second, 8% the third, 6% the fourth and fifth, and then slowly declines to 2% around year twelve. Insurance costs vary, being based on the cost to replace the motorhome and to some extent on intended use (storage, recreational use, or full time use).
I know, the insurers make money on these contracts so on the average you spend more for a service contract than for paying out of pocket, but the cost of a service contract is predictable. Leta€™s assume you drive a diesel coach that gets 9 mpg and that diesel costs $3.25 per gallon.

Costs vary, depending mostly on the package you order, but Ia€™ll use $40 per month ($480 per year or $1.32 per day). You cana€™t ignore those costs, but youa€™ll incur them whether youa€™re living in a motorhome or a stick-and-brick so theya€™re not pertinent to this discussion. They use state of the art proprietary technology to give you the smartphone experience without the smartphone price.
When you add a Real-Time-Refill product to your shopping cart, you will be asked to enter the cell phone number that you wish to reload.
But before you make the plunge, you need to carefully consider the impact on your finances and make some smart decisions. If Ia€™ve missed something or you disagree with my estimates, change them (although youa€™ll probably change the bottom line only a few percentage points). The cost of a spot in an RV park or campground is all over the map and boondocking is free, but Ia€™m going to use $15 per day, or $5,475 per year for a fulltimer. We bought a like-new three year old 39a€™ Newmar diesel motorhome with 28K miles on it for a little more than $100K and are very happy with it. Keep the shiny side up and dona€™t forget to put a rock on the sewer adapter before you pull the dump handle. Touch Mobile’s technology lets you switch between Cellular + WiFi networks for everything you do on your phone, including calling and texting.
Please contact Touch Mobile to verify whether or not your CDMA cell phone is compatible with their service.
For these types of refills, you will not get a PIN number because your phone will automatically be reloaded after you checkout and pay.

In any case, Ia€™m not a financial advisor so please do not bet your financial future on these numbers without spending a lot of time in research and building your own spreadsheets.
If you financed some or all of the purchase, youa€™ll pay interest, probably in the neighborhood of 7.5%. Sometimes that includes electricity and sometimes not, so Ia€™ll toss in a little for juice and round it up to $6,000 per year, or $16.44 per day.
If you can afford new, go for it and enjoy it; we and others like us will be waiting in line to buy your next hand-me-down! If you own nothing, the equity thata€™s tied up in the motorhome could be invested somewhere earning around 7.5% in a conservative balanced portfolio. So leta€™s assume that wea€™ll pay about 7.5% for the money we or someone else has tied up in the coach. You can also save a lot in the a€?Other Costsa€? category that we didna€™t include by eating out less, buying from discount warehouses, doing more free recreational activities, and so on.
If youa€™re driving a newer coach your costs may be lower while an ancient one will cost more, but the difference isna€™t as significant as you might think. Ita€™s a simple fact: You will never save money by replacing your old motorhome with a new one.

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