Employer's name, address, and ZIP code: The address of UC Berkeley's Central Payroll office. Employee's name, suffix AND employee's address and ZIP code: Your employee identification number, full name (as shown on your Social Security Card), and address (as listed in the HCM system).
Federal income tax withheld: The total amount of federal income tax that was withheld from your wages, tips, and other compensation. Social security tax withheld: The amount of social security tax withheld from all OASDI taxable wages. Medicare wages and tips: The total wages, tips and other compensation that are subject to Medicare taxes. Medicare tax withheld: The amount of Medicare tax withheld from your Medicare taxable wages, tips and other compensation.
Advance EIC payment: The total amount of any EIC (earned income credit) payments you have received during the year. Dependent care benefits: The total amount of any dependent care you had deducted for the year.
Nonqualified plans: Amounts distributed to you from nonqualified deferred compensation plans or non-government Section 457 pension plan. As part of our continuing sustainability efforts, Kindred has implemented electronic wage statements.
For information on signing up for direct deposit, please contact your Payroll Benefits Coordinator or Human Resource Assistant. Is there a limit to the number of times I can key in my PIN before I am locked out of Paperless Pay? Is the payroll information provided online the same as the information provided on the telephone? You will be required to enter your Social Security number (SSN) each time you access the Paperless Pay system. For security purposes, the Customer Service Representative will ask you several questions to validate your identity before unlocking your record.
Yes, your paystubs will accumulate each pay period and are available for viewing for a period up to three years. NOTE: If you choose an email address that is sent to your phone, text messaging charges may apply.
No, you can only hear a summary of your paystub information which includes check date, total hours worked, net pay and net pay distribution.
At this time, the only data you can update on the Paperless Pay site are your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and email alert.
If I change from a Direct Deposit to a Paper Check, will I still be able to view my paystubs? Kindred has provided Equifax Paperless Pay some of your personal information so that we can properly verify you when you log in. Yes, Kindred provides both Direct Deposit and Payroll Check information to Equifax Paperless Pay. I tried to back up from one screen to the previous screen and I received a warning that the page had expired. How do I get back to the first screen with Personal Information, Paystub Review and Income Verification once I am in Pay Summary?

To return to a previous page when in Paperless Pay, use the links on the left under My Account or use the Return to Pay Summary when on the Paystub Detail page.
Yes, however, since this is a secure website, you must first access the Paperless Pay web page and then select “Add this page to your favorite sites” which is located on the right side of the login page. I signed into ePayroll for the first time and got a message that I need 128-bit encryption.
Protecting our clients’ confidential data is crucial; consequently, we have adopted the 128-bit encryption standard for the ePayroll application. If you have the 40-bit version, you should upgrade to the 128-bit compatible Internet Explorer.
With the sensitivity of the data contained in Paperless Pay, the application prevents the capturing of bookmarks. You can call 888-641-3729 to request an additional copy of your W-2 to be sent to you by mail or fax. Your computer must be equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher to complete the download.
For questions concerning the content of your W-2, such as taxable wages or taxes withheld, please contact your Payroll Benefits Coordinator (PBC) or Program Director (PD), or call 888-641-3729. Turbo Tax and H&R Block can electronically import your information using the import code from your W-2.
Once you’ve downloaded a copy of your W-2, you will see the import code in the employee contact information section. Beginning with your December 2008 payroll, we have a new and much improved process for printing payroll warrants and automatic deposit (EFT) notifications. After reviewing the detailed information, if you have any further questions about the information appearing on your pay stub, please use the contact phone number provided in Box 9 of your pay stub. This is your exemption status and number of exemptions for federal income tax from your current form W-4. The number following the letter code is the number of exemptions you are currently claiming.
This is your exemption status and number of exemptions for state income tax from your current form W-4 or DE-4. If applicable, next is your deferred net pay contribution for this pay period as well as the balance-to-date.
This box contains your deductions subtracted from your pay as well as any fringe benefits your employer (district) pays for you. This amount should be equal to 6.2% of the wages listed in Box 3 up to the maximum allowed. Once you key in your SSN, you will be required to enter a PIN (Personal Identification Number) number. If you do not remember your PIN, you should select the ‘Forgot your PIN?’ question on the screen.
Therefore, you will need to use a computer to complete your initial registration prior to using a mobile device to access the site. All other changes, such as address, phone numbers, W4 changes and direct deposit account information, must be done by contacting your PBC or HR Assistant.
This application does not allow use of the BACK button in the browser to ensure that someone else cannot easily back into your information once you finish using Paperless Pay.

The only parties who can see the data in a readable format are the sender and intended receiver. When you access Paperless Pay through the intranet, the link will take you directly to Paperless Pay.
One additional W-2 copy can be requested through the Equifax site using the instructions in the attached document at no charge.
Once you’ve upgraded your software to meet this requirement, try downloading your W-2 again. To review those offers, click W-2 Features and then E-File My Tax Returns from the W-2 Services section of the Paperless Pay site. As part of the process we have changed the format of your "Earnings and Leave Statement" (pay stub) in an effort to provide you with more information that is easier to understand.
If you have any questions or comments about this web page you may e-mail us feedback by clicking the "Comment on this page" link below. The pay location is used by your Payroll Department to distribute warrants and automatic deposit advices.
Although the County Office of Education prints the payroll for all districts in Santa Cruz County it is your district's Payroll Department that has the information about how your pay was generated. Not all districts choose to print these balances and the balances shown will only include leave information you have submitted. If you have already used TALX’s The Work Number®, you can use the same PIN, provided your PIN is eight digits in length or longer.
To view a detailed discussion of the contents of a box click the circled number in the box with your left mouse button. For automatic deposit, this is the day the monies will be available in the bank account you have specified.
If you work in more than one district in the county you will receive a separate warrant or advice for each district in which you work. If you have not turned in all your leave information through the "As Of" date then your leave balances may not be accurate.
If not, or if you have not accessed the Work Number, the default PIN will be the last four digits of your social security number and your birth year.
Make sure this is a fax you can get to quickly or one that is in a secure place, if you can’t. Please follow the detailed instructions in the attached document if you need additional information. After the initial login, you are required to enter your Social Security Number and your recently created PIN to access your data. If the line is busy or the phone number is wrong and it is unsuccessful in sending your paystub, it will stop attempting to send to ensure the security of your information is maintained. You will need to request the fax again with the correct phone number or at a time when the fax number you use is not busy.

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