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Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Many of these extremists misread the significance and intent of nonviolence because they failed to perceive that militancy is also the father of the nonviolent way.
They cannot solve the problem because they seek to overcome a negative situation with negative means. They cannot solve the problem because they do not reach and move into sustained action the large groups of people necessary to attract attention and convey the determination of the majority.
But there is a striking parallel: They accomplish nothing – for they do not reach the people who have a crying need to be free.
Being prepared for a long struggle, we felt it best to begin modestly, with a limited number of arrests each day. By rationing our energies in this manner, we would help toward the buildup and drama of a growing campaign.
Operating on a precise timetable, small groups maintained a series of sit-ins at lunch counters in the downtown department stores and drugstores.

It was a Sunday afternoon, when several hundred Birmingham Negroes had determined to hold a prayer meeting near the city jail.
What happened in the next 30 seconds was one of the most fantastic events of the Birmingham story. With the jails filling up and the scorching glare of national disapproval focused on Birmingham, Bull Connor abandoned his posture of nonviolence. This was the time of our greatest stress, and the courage and conviction of those students and adults made it our finest hour. Some few spectators, who had not been trained in the discipline of nonviolence, reacted to the brutality of the policemen by throwing rocks and bottles. In the face of this resolution and bravery, the moral conscience of the nation was deeply stirred and, all over the country, our fight became the fight of decent Americans of all races and creeds. In 1967, Martin Luther King launched the Poor People’s Campaign, a multiracial movement to bring the power of nonviolence to solving economic injustice. From the moment it emerges, it is subjected to rigorous tests, opposition, scorn and prejudice. Angry exhortation from street corners and stirring calls for the Negro to arm and go forth to do battle stimulate loud applause. Evidently neither Bull Connor, the segregationist police commissioner of Birmingham, nor the merchants expected this quiet beginning to blossom into a large-scale operation.

The old guard in any society resents new methods, for old guards wear the decorations and medals won by waging battle in the accepted manner. But when the applause dies, the stirred and the stirring return to their homes and lie in their beds for still one more night with no progress in view.
Often opposition comes not only from the conservatives, who cling to tradition, but also from the extremist militants, who favor neither the old nor the new.
They cannot solve the problem they face because they have offered no challenge but only a call to arms, which they themselves are unwilling to lead, knowing that doom would be its reward. When the marchers approached the border between the white and Negro areas, Connor ordered them to turn back. Connor’s men, as though hypnotized, fell back, their hoses sagging uselessly in their hands while several hundred Negroes marched past them, without further interference, and held their prayer meeting as planned.

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