For times like those I’ve always turned to Craigslist unload the stuff I no longer want or need. If you are completely new to Craigslist, I understand you might have hesitations about posting a listing on a website advertising an item for sale to a bunch of complete strangers. You have nothing to fear from using Craigslist provided you follow some simple rules I will walk you through. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I see a lot of people post listings that don’t do enough to target the person they are trying to sell to. The upside of this sorry state of affairs is that it makes it easier for you to stand out by taking the time to properly target your one motivated buyer.
There’s a process for getting top dollar for your stuff, and I’m going to make this process easy for you by outlining twelve simple rules to follow.
Regardless of your socio-economic background, political views, religious bent, or sense of fairness, economics 101 dictates that the price of a given good or service in a market unhampered by external interference is always subject to the laws of supply and demand.
Craigslist is no different, and you need to know what price you can realistically expect to receive before you list your item for sale. A used item will typically fit into one of four broad categories in the supply and demand chart.
An iPhone is an example of an item would fall into the high supply, high demand box, in other words something that many people are selling and many people want. On the flip side of the demand curve, a common example of an item that is in high supply, low demand is a desk lamp.
If your item is more unique or valuable and less subject to mass availability, it’s more likely to be what I would consider a low supply, high demand item.
I should note that low supply, low demand items should not be confused with low supply, no demand. If the answer is yes to both questions then it’s very easy to come up with a price – you can just take an average of what everyone else is asking and be done. You may be tempted to offer your item at a higher price point regardless of what your price research indicates. When supply is low, finding a fair price isn’t as straightforward because by definition there aren’t very many people selling the same item.
I can’t emphasize enough how important this feature is – you get instant access to a treasure trove of market data, and the best part is Ebay allows you to search and filter for free – you don’t even need an account! Allow me to walk you through an example of an item I recently sold that I priced using Ebay’s search feature. On the contrary, here in Austin Texas there is a high demand for mid-century decor and this lamp is a coveted blast from the past.
A typical search for an item on Ebay usually returns hundreds of items, and searching for a sputnik lamp was no different.
Once you’ve searched for your item and filtered the results by sold listings, go through the results and make note of the prices for items similar to yours.
My Ebay research for the Sputnik lamp suggested a price of $250, so that’s what I used when I posted it on Craigslist. Your listing title is your first opportunity to interact with your buyer and persuade this person to click your ad and read more about your item. I’ll refer back to the iPhone listing as an example – I made sure to include the color, storage size, model number, condition, and the fact that it was a Sprint version directly in the listing title. When writing the listing description for your item, try to think about what you would want to know if you were looking for the same item and answer those questions up front.
As a Craigslist buyer, I always want to know why someone is getting rid of their stuff so I can be somewhat satisfied that they aren’t trying to unload broken junk on me. As a seller, I try to alleviate that concern up front by telling my potential buyer why I no longer need the awesome thing they are now thinking of giving me money for.
Writing a good description does take some time, but not as much as you might think and the time investment is worth it. Once you’ve cleaned your item, take multiple pictures from different angles in good lighting. When choosing a primary photo for your listing, select a picture that shows the entire item rather than just a part of it. Some people like to haggle over prices, and pricing your item at the higher end of a range gives a haggler the opportunity to get a lower price while still leaving you an amount you are comfortable with. If you’ve followed the previous rules for winning at Craigslist and differentiated your listing from the rest of the pack, a motivated buyer will want to work with you first, even if your price is slightly higher than comparable items. Be warned though, a shrewd haggler will see through this approach because they will have done their own market research beforehand.
Before you try your hand at making a deal, make sure you decide up front on the minimum amount you are willing to accept for the item.
The last thing you want is to feel pressured to sell something at a price you aren’t comfortable with and then kick yourself later for not holding out for more money. Craigslist has taken steps to shield sellers from scammers by offering anonymous email relays and I highly suggest you take advantage of this feature (described in more detail in rule 12). Be advised that there are also now people trolling Craigslist for the purpose of steering people to competing platforms that take a cut of the sale.
When you create your listing, always ask a potential buyer to add a specific word or phrase to the subject line of their response. I also suggest you always politely ask a potential buyer to add their mobile number to a reply so you can “respond more quickly via text message”. You can move more quickly with a buyer while interest is high and he or she is more likely to buy.
Craigslist uses a very simple search algorithm that scans listing titles and descriptions for words that match the search string.
If you were selling a set of dumbbells, you could increase the odds of someone finding your listing by adding each of the variations as extra keywords to your listing description. You don’t have to get fancy, just add the words to the very bottom of the listing as a comma-separated list. There may be times when you have multiple related things you want to sell, such as a set of woodworking tools. If you try and sell a bunch of items as a single lot you will very likely have to sell it all at a steep discount compared to what you could make if you split everything out into individual listings. Yes, creating individual listings for each item takes more time, but the time is worth it – you will be able to get a higher overall price for your stuff, which is what winning at Craigslist is all about!
In my experience, the people that ask you to hold something rarely follow through with buying.
Thousands, perhaps millions of people negotiate and complete transactions via Craigslist every day without incident. When first creating a listing, you will see text fields for email, phone number, and zip code as shown in the picture below. I never include a phone number in my listings, but I’ve added one in the example above to illustrate that Craigslist provides the ability to specify whether you are open to phone calls, texts, or both.
Once you’ve specified your contact information, created a title, and filled out the description box, the next screen will take you to an option to add an address.
Finally, once your listing goes live it will include a small “Reply” button visible on the upper left of the screen. If you’ve chosen to use the Craigslist email relay then the contact email will consist of a random combination of letters and numbers that is unique to your listing.
It probably goes without saying that at some point you’ll have to meet your buyer in the real world in order for you to make the sale.
I suggest meeting in a public place that is mutually convenient, although for big things like furniture there’s no getting around having to give out your home address. Meeting someone who has contacted you through a Craigslist post can feel strange the first couple of times you do it. So there you have it – twelve rules for winning at Craigslist by getting top dollar for your used stuff. Take the time to understand and serve your one motivated buyer, target your listing to that buyer, weed out anyone that isn’t serious, follow up promptly with your buyer when contacted, set up a safe sale environment, and get paid! If you corral a score or more of young men into forced close proximity for any length of time, their irrepressible energy will express itself as either fractious behavior or horseplay.
Also, the period of the early 1970s will be remembered as the time of counter-culture and widespread drug use.
In autumn 1972, the admin unit called Team 1 was created from the 530 Administration Company of the 3rd Armored Division, stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. As a quick aside to this story, let me mention that yours truly was responsible for enabling many of these same enlisted personnel to live off-post in apartments and get paid for it. While poring through my set of Army Regulations, I happened to run across a housing reg that established the minimum allowable square footage for permanent enlisted billeting. From our earlier residence at Drake Kaserne in Frankfurt, we both remembered this young major who was friendly to the grunts.
When we got back to Kirsch Goens, we showed 1LT McLinn the authorization orders and he had to let us move out.
We quickly punched two small holes in the bottom of each can with a pocket knife awl (so thata€™s what that tool is for!).
Within fifteen minutes of the heist, we were lowering the converted six-pack back down to its perch. Then the five-pack disappeared not too long later as some passerby in the dark thought they had found a prize. One day in the office there was a big meeting of Divisional Top Brass in a room across the hallway from our office.
Sp4 Dave Ramsey was walking down the hall and noticed that there was one of those fold-over locking hasps on the aforementioned door. Realizing that inserting the dinner fork through the lock ring would only invite some passerby to pull it back out again (this was, after all, the Army), he did what any admin troop would do: he made a sign. But it is still funny to imagine the look on that officera€™s face after he climbed out the window and walked back around to unlock the door. Summer arrived in 1973, and with it came warm weather, and the need to clean up the office building. One day during that same summer while I was at the PX, I happened to notice a pack of party balloons.
The remaining party balloons stayed unused in a drawer until the move to Giessen the following year.
One summer night two camouflaged figures crept out into the dark carrying a large heavy box between them. The next day a certain admin group was performing soccer practice on this same soccer field when they found out the hard way that it had been mined. It just so happened that the same mena€™s room where the water balloon event occurred had extraordinary resonance. One day in the summer of 1973, I was washing up in the mena€™s room when I saw Wallace arrive in his blue VW hatchback. I waited a reasonable period and sauntered back into the office, wearing my most contrite expression. Part of the essential kit of all soldiers at that time was a butane-lighter to ignite the omnipresent bowl of hashish.
This of course resulted in everyone having to have one, and soon fiery sword fights could be witnessed that pre-dated the Star-Wars light saber by a decade.
I have always thought that printera€™s ink is one of the most amazing substances ever created. Then the printera€™s ink just happened to have exactly the same patina and shade of black as military toilet seats. I used the same technique to get even with a pain-in-the-neck corporate executive in the mid-1980a€™s. Answer: a€?YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHO YOUa€™RE CALLING!a€? I forget the ladya€™s name right now, but she was married to a Captain and was pretty used to handling brass. It was a curious characteristic of those telephones that, even without a microphone, if you shouted loud enough, you could actually be heard at the other end of the call: there was probably a low efficiency transmission through the handseta€™s earphone speaker.
Then Embury would distract McLinn for moment: call him away from the phone to provide some pertinent info (travel order number or something), and Ia€™d slip in, and put the microphone back in.
The one time we pulled it off, the two parties simultaneously picked up the phones, and then launched into their answering speeches. About this time the curiosity of a€?why did you actually place this call?a€? began to intrude very cautiously and diplomatically into the discussion. I was sitting at my desk when SP4 Dave Morgan stomped into our office area, obviously furious.
Realizing that the incident was spinning into nowhere, Morgan stalked out in a huff, but not before warning me something about a€?winding up a Jimmy.a€? From then on, everyone first checked their carbons, just like looking into their typewriters.
My good office partner Sp4 Scotty Martin sat on the opposite side of our small bay, about twenty feet from me.
SP4 Goody must have heard this steady, a€?whiirrr a€“ BANG!a€? coming out of the smaller office where I was and got curious. Ia€™ve always thought that if I was ever trapped in a building with bank robbers, terrorists or that ilk, Ia€™d scan around quickly to see if there were any rubber bands and paper clips.
Without fanfare, Lindsey touched a flaming match to the touch hole and there was a momentary sizzle as the charge inside the tube ignited, just like the old flintlock muskets.
Perhaps more importantly, the Code of Office Conduct now required that a spitball be delivered via cannon shot.
The zenith of Admin-Cannon design was achieved with a steel tube that somebody found lying around outside: obviously divine providence at work. Rather than have someone actually touch a match to the touch hole, it was deemed safer to make a rudimentary fuse using cigarette paper. Considering all of the untested features of this advanced model Admin-Cannon, one would have thought that the most appropriate testing time would be in the quiet of the evening. I had just achieved eye level with the top of my desk when 1SG Spence heaved himself upright and dashed for the doorway connecting the large bay and small bay.
As one gazed out into the large bay, the record clerks were joyously operating at full capacity, while the smoke continued swirling around the left end of the bay. Since the record clerks were so determinedly carrying the air of normalcy, the Vietnam soldiers were soon up and back to normal too.
Ramsey and I were just sitting around, nothing to do, and probably feeling a little frisky from the snort we had had. After what seemed like a half an hour (we were rapidly running out of space alien energy), Wallace started to stir. Around an hour later we were poking around, getting dinner ready when the door opened and in staggers Wallace.
One of the jobs that a Personnel Actions Specialist had was reviewing the a€?RA Applicationsa€? of officers who had decided to make a career of the Army. Having written all the above, one might assume that ultimately, the pressure of perfection proved to be just too great: a practical joke simply had to assert itself. One day in the fall of 1973, I was paging through some old National Geographic magazine lying around somewhere. McLinn paged contentedly through the document, checking the personal info of the applicant, probably comparing the a€?Applicanta€™s data against his own personal situation. Inasmuch as no one had ever heard McLinn (or anybody) make a sound like that before; it immediately got the entire officea€™s attention. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a person laughing out of control, and a person wracked with extreme anguish. I knew McLinn would need a few minutes to collect his thoughts, so I took a little powder and did a quick walk around the building.
Apart from hating me, from that point on McLinn and I were tightly bound to a unique fraternity. As a quick aside to this story, let me mention that yours truly was responsible for enabling many of these same enlisted personnel to live off-post in apartments and get paid for it.A  As Team 1a€™s Personnel Actions Specialist, I had a full set of Army Regulations, and was trying to read quickly through them so I could hasten my On-the-Job-Training.A  Why was I hastening with OJT?

We quickly punched two small holes in the bottom of each can with a pocket knife awl (so thata€™s what that tool is for!).A  Crockett finally made it back with his big bowl (a€?they kept pointing me to the mena€™s room!a€?), and we emptied the cans into it. Then the five-pack disappeared not too long later as some passerby in the dark thought they had found a prize.A  It probably migrated all around the base, losing one can at a time. One day in the office there was a big meeting of Divisional Top Brass in a room across the hallway from our office.A  They were discussing sensitive issues and so closed the door to their meeting room. The meeting went on for what seemed like hours.A  And everyone of our gang wandered by and chuckled at that sign and the locked door, just thinking about what was surely going to happen. Nothing was said when Wallace returned after a rather lengthy time out of the office.A  It was understood that nature sometimes cana€™t be hurried. Both Wallace and Pardekooper fell out of their chairs as if theya€™d been axed.A  Ron had of course, heard the wounded moose and its final despair. I used the same technique to get even with a pain-in-the-neck corporate executive in the mid-1980a€™s.A  The jerk didna€™t know that I had received special training in the military. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Hi again,Sorry for the delay - network was slowing down for some reason.I have the instructions for removing a blocked number from your system below. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. Some of the callers are polite and tell her they will remove her number from their records. One particularly frustrating series of calls came from a collector who was trying to collect a small debt—just under $12—for Blockbuster. So what can you do if, like my daughter or sister, you are getting debt collection calls for someone else?
What rights do consumers have if they are getting calls from a debt collector for someone else? Salvo has another suggestion: ask the debt collector for the company’s fax number or email address. What if there is no information available about how to contact the collection agency placing the calls (for example, when a debt collector refuses to provide that information, or if the recorded message does not include it)? The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you the right to tell a debt collector not to contact you again. If the collector calls again, tell them you are going to report them to the FTC and your state attorney general—and do so. If you’re concerned about how your debt could be impacting your credit, you can check your three credit reports for free once a year. Get the latest tips & advice from our team of 50+ credit & money experts, delivered to you via email each week. Gerri Detweiler focuses on helping people understand their credit and debt, and writes about those issues, as well as financial legislation, budgeting, debt recovery and savings strategies. Comments on articles and responses to those comments are not provided or commissioned by a bank advertiser. Please note that our comments are moderated, so it may take a little time before you see them on the page. When they call you with prerecorded messages, you can sue them for $500.00 per call, provided that they have called more than once in a year under the Telephone Consumers Protection Act (TCPA) 1992.
I have been phone calls for the same woman for 2 years from a multitude of different companies. Somewhere along the lines there has either been a mix-up or she is using your phone number to apply for credit. I have a debt collector who is calling for my daughter who has not lived with me for over 3 years. Tell the debt collector you cannot help them, and that you will be recording their calls in the future and reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission if they call again. I’ve changed phone numbers three times due to collection calls for someone other than myself.
I am having the same issue, I think what has happened to us is that they are using the address, which in my case, was the address of the person in debt, but they moved years ago. I purchased a home 2.5 years ago from a person who obviously was experiencing financial problems.
Hi Gerri, I’m so glad I found your page, hopefully I can get some answers to help resolve my issue. Another thought: Have you tried putting the phone number they are calling you from in a search engine online so you can at least find the name of the firm they are calling from? Really good question…are the databases the collectors are using picking up the phone number change? On the 20th of April, I (and my mother) started receiving calls for my brother’s debt.
Sarah – Whether you want to offer to pass along that information is really up to you. After getting collection phone calls for over a year, all about people I’ve never met, I changed my phone number. In the meantime, I’m ready to contact a lawyer – do you have any advice on choosing the best lawyer, who will take the case for free? Got an collection call on my voicemail mentioning a past due with a company I have never heard of or dealt with in any way.
I know for a fact that this debt does not belong to me but I am concerned about calling them. Have you established whether they are a legitimate collection agency or a debt collection scammer? Besides the debt collectors that are calling my number to look for somebody else, I have another problem. One of the downsides of being a fitness junkie is that I’ve tried and ultimately discarded a lot of fitness-related gear over the years. As a result, I’ve gotten pretty savvy at how to get the best price for what I want to sell and I’m going to share this info with you. I’ve been buying and selling used stuff on Craigslist for over a decade and I’ve never had a problem with anyone I’ve met.
I define the one motivated buyer as someone who really wants what you have to sell and is willing to pay a fair asking price for it. This type of item will usually net you a higher sales price if you do your research properly. This type of item is something that is uncommon enough for few people to have an interest in, but those few people would definitely be willing to pay a fair price for it if they were in the market for it.
These are items that no one will want because they are either obsolete, out of fashion, or just plain ugly. The first and easiest step is to use the search feature on the Craigslist home page for your city to see what other people in the area are asking for similar items.
Search for your item, filter by sold listings, and use this data to come up with a price for your own item. I recently had in my possession a vintage Sputnik chandelier lamp, taken out of a remodeled home in a small town in the Midwest. Ebay offers many options for narrowing down the list of search results to find the exact item you want, all of which are located on the left-hand side of the search results. To that end, you want to make sure you make your title as informative and searchable as possible by using informative and descriptive details. Creating an easily searchable title ensures your item will show up in search results and will allow a potential buyer to quickly zero in on exactly what he or she is looking for.
Your buyer will be more likely to make a decision to buy when all the information they could possibly want to know is readily available in the listing. Remember, you’re asking people to give you some of their hard earned money in exchange for something you don’t want anymore. Listings with good pictures will always get more attention from buyers than listings without pictures. Stage your items as best you can against neutral backgrounds so nothing else distracts from the item. If you have a modern smartphone there is no excuse –they all take pictures that are more than adequate for Craigslist, and you can easily crop a photo right on your phone. The primary photo will show up as a thumbnail in search results, so you want to make it count.
This way, you know exactly what your “no deal” point is and you can say, “Hey, we seem to be far apart on price and it doesn’t look like we can make a deal right now. Some people try to  game the search results by setting their asking price in the price field to $1, which guarantees a listing will show up in search results that were filtered by a maximum price range. If you post anything worth more than a hundred bucks for sale on Craigslist, chances are good you’ll be contacted by a scammer. Have you ever received an email from a Nigerian prince who has two billion dollars in gold he wants to smuggle out of the country but needs your help to do it?
Sometimes a scammer will offer to buy your item sight unseen and will want your full name and address to send you a money order. Scammers in general seem to have a poor grasp of the English language, so be on the lookout for poorly constructed sentences, misspelled words, and a severe lack or misuse of punctuation.
Scammers are always on the hunt for new victims, so they rarely take the time to customize the message they send you. This kind of person might ask a few questions, maybe ask what your “rock bottom” or “minimum price” is, but even if you answer them you’ll never hear from them again. The pitch is very casual, for example “hey, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble selling your item on Craigslist but you should check out JunkSellr dot com, they specialize in stuff like yours and they handle credit card processing.” Um, thanks but I’m cool with winning at Craigslist for now. I like to be upfront about this in my listing and say it’s “to weed out the spammers who never read”. My experience has been that people that provide their mobile number are very motivated to buy what you are selling and reaching out to them via text or a phone call should take precedence over people that don’t give you their number up front. It is not smart enough to look for variations of a word, or even plural vs singular forms of a word.
Notice how this poor misguided soul added keywords for every type of fitness gear he could think of to try and sell a weighted vest, without even adding pictures or taking the time to write a proper descriptive listing. For example, let’s say you wanted to sell an electric saw, a drill, and a belt sander.
Clicking on this button will bring up a pop up box like the one shown below with the contact options you provided. Any email sent to that address will be forwarded to you anonymously, and any replies you send back to the buyer will also be anonymous.
Once you’ve decided that the person you are dealing with isn’t a scammer or a time waster and is in fact a normal person motivated to buy your item, move forward with setting up a time and place to meet as soon as is convenient for both of you.
As one lady who bought something from me a long time ago put it, “I feel like we’re making a drug deal!” We got a good laugh out of that, but I do understand that not everyone is used to the idea of meeting a complete stranger in a public place and exchanging something for money. It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult.
I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around. Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.), or to establish a professional-client relationship.
Several times a week she gets debt collection calls for the person who previously had her cell phone number. When my sister moved a couple of years ago, and got a new phone number, she received so many calls from collectors for the phone number’s previous owner that she finally ended up canceling that number and getting a new one.
Block explains that many of the rights provided by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act are afforded to “any person,” and not just the person who owes the debt.
In California, for example, the recipient of the calls may be able to sue the debt collector and original creditor under California’s Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires a debt collector who contacts someone other than the consumer to identify himself, state that he is confirming or correcting location information concerning the consumer, and, only if expressly requested, identify his employer.
Block points to another section of the FDCPA that addresses situations where collectors call any person other than the consumer for purposes of acquiring location information about the consumer.
We need a Do Not Call List for debt collection agencies, similar to the one in place for telemarketers. Write down the phone number they are calling from and try to speak to someone to get the name of the collection agency. You may want to offer to fax them a copy of your phone bill with your request that your number be removed from the debtor’s records, but you are not required to do that. Otherwise, the collection agency may sue her, and if she ignores the lawsuit, they may get a judgment against her which could potentially allow them to go after her bank account, wages, etc. Somewhere somehow your number has gotten into their files as belonging to someone who owes a debt.
Approximately every 6-8 months we receive phone calls from debt collectors asking if we know the whereabouts of a former neighbor couple.
There needs to be some kind of system in place for people like you to opt out of these kinds of calls. Just have her call the Do Not Call Registry at 888-382-1222 from the number she wishes blocked. She can speak and answer the phone, she just prefers that I take care of the financial and important things.
If they are third party debt collectors, she can request they send her something in writing. For the last few years I’ve been getting calls from check collectors for my husbands cousin.
My middle school daughter still gets collection calls for the person who used to have her cell phone number – and she’s had that number for two years!
The CFPB recently announced it is looking into the practices of the largest collection agencies.
You can ask them for their mailing address and send them a certified letter telling them they are calling your ex, you can’t help them locate him and instruct them not to contact you again.
My boyfriend (whom I live with) has debt issues, and his wages are already being garnished. The person they are trying to reach is NOT me and I have had this same phone # for 30 years !
The call was from a commercial business to business collection agency and I have never owned a business.
If the former then a consumer law attorney who sues collection agency would probably be happy to talk with you at no cost. And this is pretty disturbing I get automatic calls from some kind of erotic line or something.
If the problem is with telemarketing calls, a phone number can be added to the National Do-Not-Call Registry. I’ve also moved many, many times, and each time it seemed easier to shed a good chunk of the stuff I’d accumulated rather than haul it all to my new dwelling. The people that use Craigslist are your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends and family. Many of these items could be sold quickly if the poster took the time to list their items properly.

This person is not a casual Craigslist browser who just happens to come across your item, but someone who has come to Craigslist with the specific intent of looking for the type of item you are selling. Antiques and specialized equipment can fall into this category, and the pricing is highly influenced by where you live.
An example of an item that would be low supply and no demand is  a projection television set.
I searched for my old phone’s model number and storage option using the Craigslist search box and noted that there were quite a few people selling the exact same phone.
In the 1950s these things were apparently all the rage, but these days mid-century decor is totally not in vogue in small-town Wisconsin.
I was able to sell this light fixture locally in Austin because there are people here that value mid-century decor. These details can include things such as brand, size, color, weight, condition, or anything else that is relevant to the item. Taking the time to write a good descriptive listing will help to differentiate your item from others and will go a long way towards getting you the best price for what you are selling. Very few people take the time to add good pictures, which gives you another opportunity to stand out. Also note that the title has several searchable keywords and the listing provides a simple description that explains where the lamp came from, the dimensions, and what was included (bulbs). If the person you’re dealing with is trying really hard to lowball you, they aren’t your one motivated buyer. Through trial and error, I’ve also learned that Craigslist is chock full of time wasters as well. Note that scammers who typically frequent Craigslist aren’t looking to scam you out of your item, they are looking to get you to send them money somehow. That’s the kind of scammer you’ll encounter on Craigslist, and they are just as easy to avoid. They will likely offer to give you extra money on top of the asking price to compensate you for your trouble.
This means they will not reference your item at all, i.e “hi, is it still 4 sale” rather than “hi, are you still selling the Sputnik chandelier?” Even if this does turn out to be a legitimate buyer, this isn’t someone that I would consider a serious contender as your one motivated buyer. I’ve never understood what motivates this type of individual, the bottom line is they are a waste of your time and you need to be able to quickly weed out anyone who doesn’t quality as your one motivated buyer.
Going back to the listing for the Sputnik lamp, I asked potential buyers to add the word “cosmonaut” to the email subject line. Don’t add a bunch of keywords that have nothing to do with your item in the hopes that it will help you sell it. Be up front with people who contact you that the first person who meets your asking price with cash in hand walks away with the item. Never put your contact information directly in the text portion of your listing since this makes it really easy for scammers and spammers to harvest email addresses and phone numbers. Craigslist gives you the option to hide your email address via the use of their anonymous email relay system.
Craigslist gives you the option to remove the map entirely, highlighted in the lower left corner of the picture below. I mentioned previously that I ask for a phone number in my listings, and I follow up with people that do provide a number first. Have someone present with you if possible, and if this isn’t possible then make sure others know the details of who you are meeting and when. No worries though, this feeling will quickly fade and you’ll soon be selling your used stuff like a pro. The site and services are provided "as is" with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts. After several attempts to stop the calls, I finally contacted Blockbuster’s public relations department. If the collector is calling about a debt that belongs to someone else, the person receiving the calls can sue for actual damages, statutory damages and his or her attorney’s fees. But recorded messages from debt collectors can be tricky, as there is still some debate about how much information collectors can or should leave on answering machines.
Block explained that the cease communication provisions of the FDCPA apply to a “consumer,” which is defined as any person obligated or allegedly obligated to pay a debt.
There, the FDCPA provides that the collector cannot communicate with that person more than once unless the collector has reason to believe that the person is lying or the person requests the collector to call again. Consumers who are on the receiving end of calls for someone else would be able to register their number to stop these types of calls. But already, under FDCPA, a consumer can write to the collector, tell it not to contact them again, and the calls must stop. Remember, under the FDCPA, if you are receiving calls for someone else, they are required to provide the name of their employer upon request. We didn’t even know their last name until one of the callers told me their name (they moved out in the middle of the night just after Hurricane Ike over 3 years ago). We haven’t been in contact with her in over 30 years but somehow the collectors have found our number.
They didn’t call today, I was all set to request the company name, address, fax number and the employees name and ID number. Assuming this number does not belong to the person they are trying to reach, tell them they have the wrong number and ask them to stop calling. I thought maybe her number was similar to my new one, so I looked her up in the phone book. I usually have the ringer off because of class so I have never had the opportunity to answered. Should I tell them I’ll pass the info along to my boyfriend, or that he knows about it? I found out that they contacted a couple of friends several days before they contacted me, I would think if they had my number that they would have called my number first-so apparently they didn’t have my number at first.
If they think you (or the debtor involved) has a good case, they will often help the debtor for free since the collection agency may have to pay their fees.
Instead of getting calls, I get mail, certified letters, and even worse, process servers showing up at my door regularly. The exception would be if it was a very unique or unusual desk lamp, but that would fall under the next supply and demand box. I’ll cover this type of item in more detail along with an example later when I get into researching a fair price. Bagpipes are not common and few people can play them properly, but those that do might love to get a great deal on a high quality used set. There are many of these old televisions out there that still work perfectly fine, and every so often someone will post one on Craigslist because they no longer want it. Checking this box will change the search results from currently listed items to items that have recently sold. You can move the pictures around in the preview window by clicking and dragging them to arrange them how you want.
As a buyer, I find it irritating to click on a $1 listing only to find out the seller really wants fifty bucks his crummy old desk lamp. Delete this kind of email as soon as it hits your inbox because the money order will be a fake.
This allows me to quickly filter the responses from those who are seriously interested in my item from those who only have a passing interest.
You’ll only end up polluting search results for other items and irritated users will likely flag your listing for removal.
It will be much harder to find a single buyer willing to pay top dollar for all three tools rather than three individual buyers willing to pay top dollar for each tool.
I always use this option since it gives me a layer of anonymity to screen out scammers and time wasters, and I suggest you do the same.
I never use the map hiding option – I always leave the map set to my zip code to give buyers a rough idea of where I am without giving out my home address. Obviously reaching out to a buyer via text reveals my phone number back to them, but at that point I’ve got their number too so fair is fair.
Jeffrey Wallace and I drove back to Frankfurt to get some anonymous major to sign the authorization.A  That alone was kind of an interesting little affair.
To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the "Verified" symbol in some Experts' profiles. Someone there put me in touch with the collection agency, who then assured me they would change their answering system to include an option to tell the collector they have the wrong person. If you tell them, they will stop.” She recommends trying to get someone on the phone and asking them to remove your number from their records. So if the call states that someone other than the recipient of the call is obligated to pay a debt, the recipient of the call is not a consumer and does not get the benefits of the cease contact provisions.
So a person who is receiving calls about someone else’s debt can speak with the collector once and say whether or not he or she knows the whereabouts of the debtor. When I called back the number shown on caller ID, the recording says that the number is disconnected.
One is recent, about a year ago, but she receives mail from them so I am not sure it would be them calling. Once you have that information, then you can discuss with her whether she can afford to pay it or not. Most of them I ask to remove my number and they comply, although they are usually quite rude about it. You should be able to get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney, and if the attorney thinks you have a good case he or she may be willing to help you at no cost to you.
I started getting his collection calls (from an unknown number) a few months ago, but as I understand it I have no obligation to help them or pay for him. I tried calling that # (my phone # is restricted so it will not show in their system when I call) thinking I could talk to someone and tell them they are calling the wrong GD # ! I spoke with them over a week ago and asked them not to call me anymore because ai don’t even have a capital one card. This will not prevent calls from numbers that display "out of area" or "unavailable."Block specific phone numbersUse call rejection to block specific phone numbers. Patience is key for items that fall into this category – you need to be willing to wait for the right buyer to come along even if it means holding on to the item for a while and re-listing it a few times if necessary. If you do your Ebay research and are unable to sell your item locally for the fair price you determined, consider broadening your audience by listing the item on Ebay instead. The pictures will be shrunk down in size once they are uploaded to Craigslist, so every pixel counts. This is not a good way to cultivate a buyer willing to pay top dollar and you should avoid it.
Your bank will cheerfully deposit it and a few days will pass before the bank figures out it was fake, at which time they will withdraw the money from your account and hit you with the equivalent of a bounced check fee.
Upon entering the Army, I had originally been trained as an a€?armored reconnaissance scout,a€? a deadly profession. Chambliss and I put together a request (as allowed under the reg) to receive payment for off-base quarters: renting an apartment. Military Academy at West Point receive their commission upon graduation, but officers who become officers by graduating through a€?Officer Candidate Schoola€? do not belong to the Regular Army until they submit a petition to be accepted: the RA Application. JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals. I’m just going to have to tie my business directly to my cell instead of having it forwarded.
What she can do about the debt depends on how much she owes, how old the debt is, whether she has anything the debt collector can go after, etc. I tried searching for their number, I’ve done that before with success, however this time I got nowhere. The attorney may be willing to help you for free because if the collection agency is breaking the law it will likely have to pay the attorney’s fees.
Maybe if I was a man, that would be nice, but I;m not, so any ideas how I can make them stop?
Just let your buyer know up front (maybe not about prison) so they don’t have to wonder why you want to part with whatever it is you’re selling.
During the few days it will take for your bank to figure out the money order is fake, the scammer will make every attempt possible to get you to wire them money. I told him that my daughter no longer lives here but occasional calls for messages and that we are basically estranged. I finally started answering these calls and discovered they were calling for someone who had the same last name as me. I ask for him to remove my number, he just keeps talking, trying to tell me case numbers and contact information.
It’s been about a month since I did this and the last week I’m getting messages for this same person again! If they keep calling after you tell them to stop, come back and let us know so we can discuss further. He will not give him his company name and when I ask for a call back number he keeps giving my different numbers. So I have no idea what the name of the company is this time until they call again, if they call again. The problem is that a month or two later, I get another collection agency trying to collect the debt, and have to start all over again. Your one motivated buyer is going to want to know that you took good care of the item before they part with their money for it. This brief memoir is a recollection of events that primarily took place at a€?Team 1:a€? an administration platoon stationed at Ayers Kaserne in Kirsch Goens, Germany. He quickly but quietly unpacked the small umbrella that he had carried disguised inside his fatigue shirt. Out in the hallway it sounded like a tuba half filled with water attempting to mimic a wounded bull moose trapped in an echo chamber. Slightly after the arrival of the electric typewriter, Team 1 received an actual photocopier.
I may see about speaking to an attorney anyway because I seem to get a new set of calls, from a new company, about once a month. Even worse, it seems like the original holder of the debt sold the debt to someone else (or else the guy owes multiple creditors just over $6,000 each), so I am going through the same thing with the same collection agencies for a different creditor all over again. The phone company says there is nothing they can do about it and maybe we should change our number. And I’ll definitely contact the CFPB, if it helps to let them know how innocent people are being harassed, I’m on it! Considering more and more people don’t list themselves in the phone book these days, who knows how many more of us have been targeted for these calls. It seems a real shame that I should have to pay so much money a month for a utility that I am barely able to use because there are no better laws protecting people like me.
Here’s another trick the collections use, they can change the number on the caller ID to a fake number.

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