Everyone wants to be at the top of page one in the search results for their targeted keywords, it is critical to properly use WordPress SEO meta tags. Specifications change, they get revised and updated and sometimes, just sometimes they improve upon the existing set that they are designed to replace. Having an effective WordPress featured post slider can be a great, functional addition to your site that provides ease of access to your viewers as well as SEO benefits.
Every day I talk to someone that is either elated or completely bummed out when they find out what their page rank currently is. Website monetization is a task that every website owner should be focusing on, as times change it is critical to stay up to date on all the various methods one can use to increase site earnings. Not that many people have noticed ;-) but my blog posting frequency went from often to almost not at all since last May.

As a Iraq Veteran Memorial Day is a very special day to me, I no longer see it simply as a day to take off from work and make a long weekend on the lake like I did when I was younger. After one push to start the sled, the rider rides to the bottom of the hill, where the sled begins to slow and eventually stop.
Have you ever sat and stared at the screen wishing you had more fingers or an extra hand while waiting for words to just appearA becauseA you lack the motivation to start typing? I changed my blog posting frequency for a number of reasons but one of them was because I had gotten into a conversation with a friend about the importance of blog posting frequency for bloggers. If you have ever thought about having a website this very well could be the best time ever to grab an account from Hostgator and save up to 80% off on your initial hosting invoice. Tips, tricks and strategies focusing on monetization, content optimization and quality content leveraging using various methods such as social media and niche marketing.

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