These glass block windows can be made with vinyl frames (which makes for a simpler installation in a wood framed opening) or unframed (which is used more frequently in masonry openings). Option 2 - LED Illuminated Backsplashes – Another way to create a functional and slick design to add illumination is with LED Illuminated backsplashes.
Mosaic, antique or ceramic tile backsplash - there are lots of tile options to match almost any decorating style. Stainless steel backsplash - very sleek and modern appearance originally used in commercial kitchens. Wallpaper backsplash - the cheapest option, but also the most prone to getting dirty and needing to be replaced the quickest.

With the glass blocks (unlike glass tiles which are adhered to the wall) when you create an opening in the outside wall you get natural light streaming onto your countertops. Both options will not only create a cool look – but will also improve safety when preparing meals and generate a focal point in your design as well. You can choose from clear glass blocks or for additional style select from 108 different colored or frosted glass blocks. The light that can be generated from these is similar to a fluorescent under-cabinet fixture. There are even two blocks (Opal and Silver) made with metallic flecks that sparkle like a granite or quart solid surface countertop.

The LED will last at least 60,000 hours and because they are edge lit there is no need to have access to a light box. They are available with single color illumination or full color changing abilities with a mixture of 4,000 available colors.

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