This comes as part of an update to Nokia’s Extras + Info app, giving users the ability to set a list of blocked numbers. While Nokia is first to implement something like this on the platform, the hooks it needed to do so are part of the WP8 GDR2 update, so other manufacturers are free to follow along with their own blocks. At this time, Motorola is shipping out ShatterShield replacement lenses that don’t include the Verizon check. Soo they get to market this device as shatter proof, simply because they placed a tempered glass screen protector on the screen…? This thread needs more comments from ignorant users who have no idea how the screen on this phone is designed.
I tried to order a Turbo 2 but Moto got mental when the shipping was different than the billing!?
Hold the phone (see what I did there?)… so you’re telling me this shatter proof phone is just a normal phone with a screen protector on it?
Kellen can you check out the version they sell at the verizon store to see if that one comes without the logo? So you don’t understand why someone doesn’t want the Verizon check mark staring them in the face every time they look at their device?
Until carriers are treated like pipelines, as cable and internet providers are, we will have carrier branded devices.
I was like that too, didn’t like screen protectors, until I started scratching screens. It probably looks nice on the front of the black model, but you barely notice the check mark as is.
It’s a five part system with the most outer part being replaceable in case of cracks. Yeah, the front of the white model has a lot of distractions, that’s why I like black front devices. Kind of a silly statement on your part for the simple fact that my uncle got a very nice used Rolex for around $1,500 so be careful next time in the way that you work something because your words just came back to haunt you in a very bad way. Basically, pay an extra $30 above the cost of the device to remove ridiculous branding from the front of the phone.
Keeping in touch with family and friends has become easier and faster thanks to our Android smartphones. This is why the procedure can be unique on your specific device, as it varies from phone to phone. If your Android phone doesn’t have an in-built call blocking feature or if it does but you find it lacking, you can choose one from the many third-party call blocking apps on the Google Play Store.
When a contact listed on the Hang Up tab tries to call you, your phone will automatically Hang Up the call.

Another handy call blocker app that you’d want to try is the free and ad-supported Call Blocker app. Last but not the least on our list is the free and ad-supported Calls Blacklist, a very simple app for keeping a list of contacts that you don’t want to allow to contact your phone.
To block calls with Calls Blacklist, just launch the app and add a contact number to the Blacklist tab. Through your Android phone, you can be called wherever you are by your friends and family — as well as spammers, telemarketers, and other unwanted callers. Ultimate guide root jailbreak android , How root jailbreak android ios devices [ultimate guide].
It might be nice if there was a way to select blocks for only voice calls or only texts, but the way things work now, any number you block will be cut off from your phone across the board.
So if you really hate that stupid marking or want to prepare for the future (you may damage your display or Verizon may force Motorola to start including their logo), you may want to consider picking one up.
A reader of ours sent the photo below, which shows Verizon moving that disastrous check mark onto the second layer of ShatterShield and off of the top layer that is replaceable. It’s the plastic OLED screen plus plastic (not glass) screen cover which then requires the OEM protector. DT2 has better specs, but not worth an almost $200 premium, plus the cost of buying a new top layer to make it look respectable.
The LCD and other important components are the parts that are guaranteed to not shatter for five years. They’re playing the rape victim that keeps coming back but want to hide it in public. However, not all people who can contact us through our mobile phones are people that we love and cherish; some are spammers, annoying strangers, telemarketers, and other unwanted callers. There didn’t used to be a generalized way to do this, though, so manufacturers often had to build the feature into their own software skins. Number app is a free and ads-free Android app that allows you to block unwanted calls and texts on your mobile phone. Number also has a Remote Lookup feature that allows you to find information about an unknown caller in the U.S. So, if you want to keep in touch with your family and friends while keeping the strangers and spammers at bay, register your family and friends’ contact numbers under the Exceptions tab.
Under the Recent tab, which shows the history of received calls and text, tap the Menu button beside each log entry and select Block Number. If you subscribe to the paid and ad-free version, you can enjoy premium features, including the Private Space feature that securely stores private SMS messages and call logs.
You can add a number via your Contacts, call logs, or messages log, or add numbers manually.

Thankfully, call blocking is possible on our Android phones or via third-party apps from the Google Play Store. B, Xixiang Haoye Logistics Park, Beside Shugang Tongdao, Nanchang Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan Dist. So far, there hasn’t been any way to do this baked in to Windows Phone, but with the arrival of a new update for Nokia Lumia models, the feature is finally arriving. Depending on when you bought your Turbo 2, you may not be able to rid yourself of that eye sore at all.
Now that we buy outright (or device payment plan, which you can buy out any time) I don’t see why I should advertise for Verizon or get advertised at. This app protects your phone from spam, silence selected contacts, or even keep your phone inaccessible by the rest of the world.
The first 20 lookups are free and you will be charged about US$1.00 for the next 20 lookups. A popup will appear, asking you whether to block the contact or redirect all the contact’s calls to your voicemail. You can add a number via your contacts, call log, or SMS log, or you can type the number directly. They provide phone cases, screen protectors and even car chargers and the quality turns out good.
The simplest one is to open your Phone app and access the section containing your recent calls. This app also has a Business Caller ID that provides information about callers using a business line.
You can also mark it as a spam number and add a comment about the blocked contact number. A notification will appear every time the app intercepts a blocked contact. Contacts listed on the Blacklist tab will be blocked (of course!) while contacts on the Whitelist tab will be exempted. And this does include the 4 major carriers in the USA (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint). The history of blocked contacts will be displayed under the Blocked History tab on the app’s main screen.

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