Are you sick of getting calls or messages from you ex or some person you’d rather not waste your time with? Once you have it turned on, instead of annoyingly typing in numbers, just go to your recent call history.
It also allows you to create a Live Tile and notify you when a person you blocked tires to call or message you. Once you have this set up – no more calls and drunk texts from your ex or annoying calls from someone trying to get money from you. If I want to restrict all calls instead of only the number which I know it would be very useful, because there are certain numbers like many companies call to sell their certain products etc. Well, if you get a number of someone you don’t need bugging you anymore, you just go to the call history list and delete it. Even if you block someone they can still leave you a voice message because Windows phones suck. HOW CAN I BLOCK ONE NUMBER IN MY WINDOWS PHONE, ITS NOT SHOWING THE OPTION ‘BLOCK THE NUMBER’?
Are you getting so many unwanted calls from bank loans, credit card companies or any other offers on your android smartphone.
Nexus 4 doesn’t have the call blocking feature but with a simple trick you can easily block calls. If your Android phone doesn’t have an inbuilt call blocking feature then you can try the third party application Mr Number to block all call on your device. Sony and HTC devices each have call blocking features which can be found in the Call settings menu. If you don’t have a Sony, HTC, or Samsung device but really want call blocking features, then there are some apps to download. How can I block calls to my home phone line – bar unwanted sales calls and nuisance calls that drive me mad, all day long? Well in excess of 2000 people have given this unit an Amazon 5 Star Review so I know I can recommend this call blocker with confidence. It comes programmed with 200 known telesales numbers and automated dialer numbers so it’s ready to block calls for you straight out of the box.
You can simply press a button on the device if you receive an unwanted call, and it will instantly block calls from that caller and store their number in it’s memory, so you never get hassled again! In order for the unit to work and register incoming caller numbers, Caller ID must be activated on your phone line by calling your Service Provider. Many nuisance calls originate overseas, so with this unit you can choose to Block Calls from all International numbers.
Note : The 1200 number in the product title refers to the amount of Block Calls numbers you can block with this device (200 programmed and an additional 1000 set by user).
The CPR Call Blocker model is ready programed with 200 known numbers which have been allocated as nuisance callers and will block any call originating from any of these numbers. It’s small, discreet and easy to set up and works with any home phone line, even if you have additional handsets or have a broadband connection. CPR Call Blocker is ideal if you don’t want any more silent calls, PPI calls, robo calls, recorded messages, overseas call centers, harassment calls, malicious calls, junk faxes, withheld numbers, international numbers, VOIP numbers and unavailable numbers. The first thing you should do is find out if your specific phone has any built-in tools for blocking calls and texts. Most manufacturers include settings for blocking calls, but not for blocking text messages.
If you want to block a number that recently called you, go to the Log tab in the Phone app. If you don’t have a phone from the manufacturers listed above, there still might be a built-in solution.
If you can’t find a way to block calls and texts with the built-in tools on your phone, there are plenty of apps that can do the job. This is another app that can block calls, but the main feature is to give you information about incoming numbers. True Caller is one of the most popular apps for blocking calls and seeing caller ID for unknown numbers.

T-Mobile doesn’t have a great method for blocking calls, and their method of blocking messages is only available for post-paid customers.
Verizon allows users to block calls and texts for free, but you can only block up to five lines and you will have to re-block them every three months.
Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 allows you to block incoming calls and SMS messages from people you don’t want to hear from. It may not ring with this little stupid process listed above and yet they can still leave a voice message so this blocking feature is a joke.
I have to agree with commenter Greg Duncan (July 9, 2014) that they settings screens you show do not remotely even look like the ones on my phone. If you have the Samsung Galaxy S4 device than you are lucky and you can use the Reject List feature on your device to block unwanted number on your phone. Instead, what they do have is the ability to send all calls from a certain number immediately to voicemail. All of these apps basically do the same job: prevent weirdos from calling you at any time of the day or night. I researched how to stop receiving unwanted calls using a Call Blocker device and came up with this unit available from Amazon, which has received thousands glowing reviews.
In fact, it can store an additional 1000 numbers that you prefer not to receive calls from.
Lots of people choose to block any withheld number from calling, and the CPR1200 Call Blocker can be set to do this too. The CPR call blocker will also reject any caller that is withholding their number, so you will minimize any sales calls immediately. The unit is powered by your telephone line so there is no external power or batteries needed. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centers and automated sales lists are all pre programmed which will minimize the sales calls you receive almost immediately.
We’ve got a great list of apps that block restricted calls, calls from people you know, and texts as well. As the name implies, you create a blacklist with the numbers you don’t want to hear from. There are a few different blocking modes you can choose from. You can create a blacklist and whitelist, which means you can choose to block the blacklist or only accept from the whitelist.
When you receive a call from an unknown or suspected spam number, Should I Answer will display a user rating for the number. Most major carriers allow you to block calls and texts, but the process is not nearly as easy. If that’s not enough, you can block up to 20 contacts permanently for $5 per month with FamilyBase.
You might have already received such marketing calls which can live sales calls or calls where a pre-recorded message is played. Like other os platforms they had a call blacklist & whitelist option but Nokia is missing this particular feature from the very first.
Real phones have the ability to block a call and text message and that also means they can’t leave a message. One simple and easy solution to get rid of these unwanted calls are blocked all the numbers on your android device, so next time when they will call you they will hear the busy tone. All you have to add all those unwanted numbers and contacts on your Galaxy S4 Reject list which you want to block. If you are not using any Number on your Voice mail box than forward all you unwanted number to voice mail box to stop receiving calls. To add contacts in this list go to Applications > Contacts > Menu > Manage Contacts > Blocked Contacts.
Number, for example, a free app that lets you hang up and send voicemails, among other things.
Please note: Caller ID needs to be activated on your telephone line for this product to work.

Any number that appears on the list will be blocked. BlackList has a bunch of powerful settings, as well. Call Blocker also has built-in spam blocking tools that will block things like one-ring phone scams.
Some carriers charge for the service, and others make you re-block after a certain amount of time. What these calls have in common is that there is an attempt to promote a product, service, aim or ideal to you. The ugly thing is that the phone started to block these SMS messages, despite the act the number is stored in my phone and it is not in the blocked list. Most of the Android phones allow you to block contacts on your phone without installing any android application on your device, some of these android phones has the inbuilt features which gives the ability to block phone numbers on your device. To do this go to your phone Settings > My Device > Call> Call rejection > Auto Reject list. To do this just open the People or contact app on Nexus 4, open the Menu, and select All Calls to Voicemail. Now tap on Add icon and select from contacts you’ve already saved in your phone or simply add a number. When you read about the features and options of types of caller you want to exclude, it’s great value for what it does! At the touch of a button the unwanted caller’s number is logged into the unit’s memory, the call will hang up and the number blocked permanently. You can set up a schedule for when numbers should be blocked, block all numbers with the tap of a button, and automatically send a text to blocked calls. The app can also automatically block calls from hidden numbers, numbers with poor ratings, and numbers from your private list. These calls are often nuisance for your especially when your busy or attending meetings and conferences.Although you can ask these telemarketing companies to stop calling you or register with do not disturb registry in your country, but not all companies follow these process. In Auto Reject List you can add upto 100 phone number which you want to block on you phone. This feature allows you to block calls from up to a further 1000 unwanted callers as they are calling you. Call Blocker also has a handy Do Not Disturb mode for blocking calls and texts at certain times of the day. But my goal was with Windows 10 around the corner, I could truly sync all my devices seamlessly. Today in this guide, I’ll help you to learn how to block phone calls on your Android smartphones.
Number makes it easy to block calls and texts, reverse lookup phone numbers and get more info about US businesses that call your mobile phone. There is also reverse Lookup so you can get more information about mobile numbers and landlines in the US. Reverse Lookup numbers that have called or texted you, or enter a number to see if we have a name to go with it.
It has option to automatically blocks thousands of active spam callers reported by the community, Personal Blacklist, reverse lookup etc.
Call Control integrates with the FCC Do Not Call registry to make Call Control even more powerful to fight spam calls. WhosCall helps you identify calls in seconds by Internet searching and community reporting. No matter which kinds of calls you receive: phone fraud, disturbing telemarketing calls, or random calls from stores, you are able to know a€?Whoa€™s Callinga€? at a glance.

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