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4.1 How to setup my Galaxy so my phone calls and text messages only arrive on my other mobile phone? 4.14 Hi, I need to disable incoming calls while roaming internationally on Galaxy Note4, but would also allow selected contacts to get through? 7 If you see a box next to the menu item is ticked {V} it means that your call barring is activated.Was this step helpful?
2From your Home screen, tap on the Menu key located on the lower-left portion of your phone. 9Tap on "Allowed contacts" to select the group of contacts whom you allow to reach you through inbound calls. 11You are done with disabling incoming calls on your Samsung Galaxy S4 using the Blocking Mode,Was this step helpful? If you choose "Incoming When Roaming", it means that you will not receive any calls if you bring your phone abroad.

If you really can't remember the password anymore, you can call your service provider and just request them to be the done to do the barring for certain phone numbers.
While I am trying to enable call barring, it asks for a password but I don't know what password I should put there. 2 If the call is not blocked, press the home button and tap on the Phone icon.Was this step helpful?
7 "Outgoing international call lock feature" and "Incoming international call lock feature" should be unchecked.Was this step helpful? 8 If that did not help, then you need either to call up your carrier and ask the operator if the international-call service is enabled on your phone. The phone is asking for an author permit when trying to make calls, I have never seen this and don't know how to disable this.
If you want to block incoming calls all the time, then put a check mark on the box to the right of "Always". Call barring request a password to change, but I enter 0000 and a box with call barring is rejected pops up and change is not processed.

Alternatively, enter the self-service or control panel on the web site of your carrier to add the international call service.Was this step helpful? Also when doing a config setup on the phone its asking for the password and have tried everything but will not accept anything, this phone was new and sealed when purchased and now this happens. If you want to block incoming calls for a specific range of time, uncheck the box for "Always" and choose the start and end of blocking through the "From" and "to" options. My provider has enabled international calls from their end and advised me it is my settings on my phone.

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