I received my Q yesterday, did pay a fortune for it becuase I wasn’t a new contract buyer and bought it off ebay. The City of Hermosa Beach is updating its General Plan, which will control what gets built and where for the next 20 years. Comments can be submitted on the Public Review Draft on or before February 25, 2016 which will be considered in the Public Hearing Draft presented to the City's Commissions and City Council beginning in March 2016.
Suspect hit victim in the head with a skateboard, took the victim's wallet and fled the scene. Victim secured his backpack with his wallet inside and found his backpack open and wallet missing.

Hermosa Beach Police Department offers victims of crime the convenience of filing a crime report online.
My initial impressions are that this device will definitely give BlackBerry and Treo users a better alternative, I do think the design Motorola did for the Q is revolutionary. Leaving mail and valuables in plain sight makes your vehicle a target for thieves, even when you park your vehicle in your own driveway, garage, or carport. After an investigation the officers recovered a large quantity of marijuana, concentrated marijuana and hallucinogens. When the victim went online to have the phone turned off they noticed unknown suspect(s) had used it to make a number of calls and send a number of text messages.

Another cool product would be an extended battery, I’ll look for one when motorola starts to sell.

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