The Germany based company notified Heise Security, a German tech news agency, that was able to replicate the problem, who in turn warned Samsung in Korea. If you have set up your Samsung Account already, change your password now using the Samsung Account website, and not your mobile device. Bloatware refers to unwanted apps that manufacturers or network service providers preinstalled on a mobile device.
A Word of Caution GalaxyUnlocker is not responsible for any outcome on your mobile device as a result of rooting, flashing, or hacking it.
If you’ve come this far, then you are trying to restore from a Nandroid backup on your Samsung Galaxy but ROM Manager’s ClockWorkMod Recovery displays the error message MD5 Mismatch.
A Nandroid backup is a complete copy of everything that’s on your Samsung Galaxy. It is often used to restore the phone to a working state should you run into problems with your device. When you hack a Samsung Galaxy, creating a Nandroid backup before you do anything else is absolutely invaluable. One of the many ways to create a Nandroid backup is to use the app called ROM Manager, which you can download from the Google Play store. A Word of Caution GalaxyUnlocker is not responsible for any outcome on your mobile device as a result of rooting, flashing, or hacking it. ROM Manager, an app developed by Koushik Dutta, is available as a free and as a premium version in the Google Play store.
ROM Manager will now restart your phone and boot it into a special mode called Recovery mode where it makes all the changes.
Action: When the process has finished and before your phone restarts, you might see a warning message (on select Samsung models) saying “ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Good to know: A “Recovery” is a special mode that your phone can boot into before it boots the actual Android operating system.
If something went wrong and your device isn’t working the way it should, you can restore from a Nandroid backup if you have previously created one. Once the restoring process is finished, your phone will boot up and you will have a fully working operating system again, ready to be hacked again. Solution: If you get the MD5 Mismatch error when you’re trying to restore from your Nandroid backup, don’t panic. You can flash a custom ROM on a rooted device that can improve the entire mobile experience. Apparently, Samsung took the matter seriously, responded only 5 days later, and announced through their press agency that the security hole has been removed.

If intelligence agencies, such as the NSA, would be recording the data flow of Samsung's registration servers or WiFi networks of users, they would have detailed access to a vast number of accounts. You are fully responsible if your device gets bricked, which can happen if you do not implement procedures correctly. With the latest update, it even places (unwanted) additional Messenger and Camera icons on your Home screen. Fix?” If you get this message, use the Volume down button to select “Yes – Disable recovery flash” and confirm with the Home button. In short, rooting unleashes the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy! This article takes the mystery out of rooting, explains what rooting is, and shows you the top reasons for rooting and the many useful things you can do once you’ve gained root access on your mobile device. More details have not been given and so it is not clear whether other Samsung Android devices were or are still affected. A Samsung account is used not only for backups of the device but also, and most importantly, to provide services of Samsung's Find My Mobile, where users can locate, lock, and ring their mobile. If you’re looking to speed up Facebook on your Samsung Galaxy and enjoy all of the features that the original Facebook app offers, I suggest you stop using the official app altogether. The difference between a regular backup and a Nandroid backup is that the latter does not only back up basic account data but also backs up everything else that’s on the device: the ROM, apps, settings, and all your files. So the first step to take before making modifications to your mobile’s operating system or before installing (called flashing) custom made firmware, is always to create a Nandroid backup.
Restoring from a Nandroid backup puts the mobile device exactly to where it was right before you created the backup. If your phone still boots up, you can open ROM Manager and tap on Manage and Restore Backups. Or, perhaps we just don’t want to be available for a certain set of people during specific times. If you brick your device or if something else goes wrong, you can always reverse all actions by restoring from the Nandroid backup. If you seek to selectively back up things such as specific apps and their settings, consider a different app: Titanium Backup. And if you want to restore your phone to the state your device was in before it stopped working or if you just want to get back to the point before you made any changes, it’s the Recovery mode from where you can do it. If your device does not boot up into the Android operating system anymore, you can boot into the Recovery mode instead and restore the Nandroid backup from there. In Recovery mode, select backup and restore, select restore, choose the backup from which you want to restore (the first one in the list is your most recent backup), select Yes – Restore, and confirm.

In any of these situations, put the person who is calling on the reject list on your Samsung Galaxy phone and they won’t be able to reach you until you take them off again. While it’s possible to restore the backup from within the Android operating system, this won’t do you any good if your phone can’t boot into it anymore. The answer is booting into Recovery mode instead from where you can still control your phone. Samsung’s “stock” Recovery can only flash Samsung firmware but ROM Manager’s “custom” Recovery, called ClockWorkMod or CWM, can flash any firmware including custom ROMs and allows us to hack our phone.
Therefore, having a custom Recovery on your Samsung Galaxy is essential to doing cool things after you’ve rooted your device.
Here are some unique and useful ways to do soShare 0 Twitter 63 Facebook 1 Google + 0 Linkedin 0 Comments Want to block a phone number? Here are some unique and useful ways to do so Kaustav Ghosh DastidarFebruary 23, 2016 Often, there arises the need to block a certain phone number, so that you can avoid any and every unwanted call.
These unwanted calls usually include telemarketers trying to sell us something, but often you may need to avoid calls from your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend who do not stop bothering you even after the relationship has ended.
All methods may not work in the same manner for everyone, so there exists a need to make the right choice in order to get the best result.
Read on to find out more.Enrolling in the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY The option of enrolling in the do not call registry is perfect for getting rid of all the irritating telemarketers that are calling you up throughout the day to sell your loans, cards and other products. After logging in, go to “My Services” and select the SPAM control option, where you can add a total of up to 5 phone numbers which you want to block.
The best solution these two can provide is allow you to block numbers on your phone, which we will discuss in the upcoming segment. Let us now look at some of these useful features provided by some of the most noted brands.
Read on to find out more.Samsung – You can send an unwanted incoming call straight to voicemail if you are using a Samsung model. All you have to do is go to your contacts, select an unwanted caller, and simply switch on the BLOCK mode.Changing your numberIf all else fails, you always have the option to get a new SIM card or connection, and get rid of all the unwanted callers, such as stalkers and ex boyfriends.

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