While this is great for blocking someone you might know, what if you are receiving unsolicited calls? While I question its effectiveness, it is still recommended that you register your number at donotcall.gov.
If you are running an older version of iOS, you might think the App Store will be able to fill the void.
I actually think that the number that is calling me 3 times a day without voice is set up by ATT to sell me this. What i have done is set up the Silent ringtone as a the default ringtone and then everyone in my contacts list has a music ringtone attached to them.
The new IOS6 looks like it has some nice features but why does the iPhone not allow you to block numbers? It would be really nice to just drop a number into a box or click a box as blocked so it sends your unwanted call to voicemail or to a nomans land. Its not enough we get raped $120+ a month, had MORE features on OLDER phones, and paid LESS.
AT&T ISNT THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES THIS VERIZON TOO!I WOULDNT DOUBT T MOBILE & OTHER DO TOO! But, one of the features sounded better than creating a silent tone, and I’d like you opinion on it. Instead of creating a silent tone, do you think that a three-beep recording would be more effective?
This is all fine if you want to block calls indefinitely, I have business and want to block customers from calling between certain hours, Im looking at moving from android to iphone and if i do i suppose ill just turn it to vibrate only, i have my android rooted with blacklist at the moment but need to change for other reasons.
But what about phone calls from unknown people and the indecent spam comments from a troublesome friend?
You can also set filter words whose SMS with those words included gets rejected from showing up as alert. How block phone numbers iphone - macworld uk, How block calls iphone: block numbers iphone ios 7, ios 8 ios 9. How to block phone calls on your android phone, Rest assured, there are ways to block those unwanted calls on android devices.
How to block unwanted calls on android, Thankfully call blocking is a standard feature on most android devices. Visit news source Android Tips and Tricks: How to Block Phone Calls on Android – No Apps Required! How to block phone calls on your android phone - Rest assured, there are ways to block those unwanted calls on android devices. How to block unwanted calls on android - Thankfully call blocking is a standard feature on most android devices.

Nerd chick adventures: block unwanted calls, messages - To regain control of your phone and facebook experience, here are some ways you can block unwanted calls you can still call and send texts to numbers on your block list. Keep unwanted callers away with deeper number blocking and call screening [diving into android n] - How you block your unwanted calls basic features of an android phone are not good enough yet? ANDROIDTODAY – Last week, HTC introduced its Eye Experience camera-centric software update that actually comes pre-installed on the HTC Desire EYE.
ANDROIDTODAY – If you’re a T-Mobile customer who has pre-ordered their version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you’ll definitely want to zoom over to your email inbox right now. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. When "block unknown calls" is enabled, all unknown calls that are not on contact list will be blocked. Enable "Display blocked call notification": A notification will appear on status bar when there is an incoming unknown call. Disable "Display blocked call notification": No notification will appear on status bar when there is an incoming unknown call. The iPhone, revolutionary when it was introduced in 2007, yet almost six years later it lacked the capability to block calls. In theory, marketers should honor the list, but it’s been my experience that they have zero interest in following the letter of the law.
It will set you back $12, but iBlacklist does the job of blocking calls based upon a list that you setup.
They have no compassion for consumers who don’t want to utilize their cellular minutes for uninvited sales calls. I am being barraged by political messages which are allowed by the government and they are all unknown or blocked.
Is this one of those things apple want’s to keep control of an therefore doesn’t allow app makers to make a functional call blocker app?
Quite expensive my dear, when you think that for that money you can host whole websites and run an efficient businesses with it instead of swatting a measly mosquito a day.
They collect your data, may send you junk themselves and collect data of calls you receive, plus they handle your messages!
It may be in the form of emails to your inbox or ad bills in your post box or the most distracting unsolicited calls and SMS to your cell phone. You can choose to blacklist a person and block call with “silence” feedback or simply “end call” feedback. The manufacturer has already started rolling it out for unlocked HTC One (M8) models overseas.
Whether you’re a fan of the massive screen or not, the Nexus 6 is going to be one of the best Android phones of the year.

The only choice was to pay your wireless carrier, purchase a hack that required you jailbreak you iPhone or use a silent ringtone that wouldn’t block the call, but would help you ignore it. Despite a wealth of apps titled “Blacklist”, they are all deliberately worded to make you think they provide the functionality desired by those of use trying to nuke any and all cases from telemarketers. But the Call blocking feature of the Samsung was the main reason why I have a Samsung instead of an iPhone.
You have several options to configure the way you want to block a person from calling or text messaging. It’ll certainly put up a very good fight against our current reigning champ, the LG G3.
My phone still rings before they get the message, but they stop calling after they get it once or twice. If you are concerned about limiting calls at night, check out our tutorial on how to setup Do Not Disturb. Googling that number will bring up a good amount of complaints from others who share my frustration. I feel like I have done almost everything (except jailbreaking my phone and spending $12) to prevent them from calling. You can sign up for the Do Not Call Registry, but sketchy telemarketers are sketchy, often ignoring basic things such as the law. Some of us rage at the idea of paying for privacy when we know you wouldn’t pay it yourselves, and had it before!
I refuse to pay at&t for blocking when I could do it for free with all my previous phones. While I haven’t used the abundant number of apps on the App Store, weeding through the reviews will net some interesting information about the perceived and actual functionality of these apps. The high price tag is certainly an inhibitor, but feedback within our forums has been positive. Anyone remember the old recording when ailing *60 “This is your call block service, which is on. It’s very frustrating not having the ability to block unwanted numbers through the phone itself without spending $12. It’s not as easy as you’d imagine, so we’ll offer up a few options and tips for lessening the frustration of what I call the telephone version of spam. If they continue to call from different numbers and I’m sure they will, I may give in to spending that $12.

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