Are your getting so many Spam SMS messages on your Android mobile such as Get Loans, Get Insurance and more. So lets take a look how the application word and how to add mobile numbers to block text messages on mobile. Go to you Google play store from your android smartphone and install the SMS Filter application on your device, once the application is installed on your device run the application from you device. From this list you can add the mobile number from your Message logs, From Contacts, From Call logs or you can add the mobile number manually to block the SMS from that person. Now all the added numbers are blocked on your device and now you will not get the SMS form the mention numbers. In Future, if you want to delete numbers from your blocked list, you can’t delete them separately from the blocked list.
About XcluesivBased in Singapore since 2011, we are a small yet passionate team of thinkers, problem solvers, technologists and designers with a variety of skill set and talent. The bad news is that mobile spam—either the iMessage variety or plain-old SMS spam—appears to be on the rise, and tracking down the spammers is about as easy as quelling a hive of hungry cockroaches. The good news, though, is that the latest iPhones and Android phones will let you block unwanted callers and texters—including mobile spammers—with a fair amount of ease. Next, you’ll see a (mostly blank) contact card for the spammer who sent you the message.
Working in tandem with the standard Messaging app, third-party SMS-blocking apps (like SMS Filter or Mr. But thanks to a new restriction in the latest version of Android—namely, that only one app at a time may tap into your SMS messages—many of these handy SMS spam-blocking apps have been rendered useless.
In Android, you can block SMS Spam using Google Hangouts (shown here) or a third-party app. If it isn’t sitting on your phone already, download and install Hangouts from the Play Store.
You should now see a list of apps on your phone (including Hangouts) capable of handling your SMS messages. Launch Hangouts—and as you do, you should notice that the app automatically imports all your old text messages. Its a very difficult situation when we are sitting in a meeting or attending a class our phone starts ringing, when we receive the call we come to know that this is the telemarketing call or a call from a person to whom we were ignoring.

Keep the content of blocked texts or trash them, browse comments from other users when you get a spam call or text. This Call Control app is one of the best app we have tested to block calls and texts, it is such a easy app with o many options which even a kid can use, it is highly customized app designed for the people who needs everything at one place. This Call Control integrates with the FCC Do Not Call registry to make Call Control even more powerful to fight spam calls. You’d have to enter thousands of numbers into other call blocking applications to match the power of Call Control!
Call Blocker is nice and well designed app from a giant Antivirus maker NQ Mobile Security, while testing this app we find this app very user friendly with main options on the its dashboard, it also can backup your contact list on their server to protect your privacy and whenever you require it you can restore. Quickly and easily erase the call history, delete SMS messages between your phone and individual contacts permanently to protect private data. PrivacyStar app for Android lets you know who is calling and texting, while giving you the power to report and block anyone abusing your cell number. Whichever option you choose, you can take control of your incoming calls and texts to ensure your privacy with PrivacyStar.
This Call and SMS Easy Blocker app is new to Google Play store but grabbing a lot of attention because of its simplicity, this app works the same way above app works, it can blocks unwanted SMS and calls from blacklist and also private numbers which most of time come from different advertisement agencies. That's it, some of the great apps we have shared with you, it is highly recommend to test each app once to check which app suits you more, let us know if we missed any good app in comments section, if we liked your app we'll add it here. Blocking unwanted text messages calls cellular, At one time or another we all receive unwanted text messages and calls on our cell phones.
How block calls, sms, mms private numbers , It is not that difficult to ignore incoming calls or messages on your phone. Mobile spy app, android spy, call recording, whatsapp spy, Thetruthspy phone spy app can track the exact position, mobile spy app, android spy, call recording, whatsapp spy, sms tracker, call tracking. How block phone number android phone, In guide, learn block phone numbers android smartphone. Recently we received lots of spam messages on our Android Mobile and this one is very annoying when you are doing some important work. You can download the SMS Filter free App from the Google play store or you can find the download link of the free android application at the end of this post.
Hit the dlelte button form the application and you can unblock that number for the block list of the application.

We have a strong focus on making life of small and mid-size businesses easier by designing need specific products and solutions through idea generation, research and strategy. Tap Settings, Messages, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen, then tap Blocked. Android is the leader in smart phone market because of having millions of applications available on its Google Play store, now you can not only Hide SMS, Calls and Contacts on Android phone but also block calls and texts on selected phone numbers for unwanted people without buying any app, all 5 apps are FREE.
Note:- Please Do not put any external link, all the links are nofollow, as such comments goes to spam and are not displayed on this blog. So today in this guide we will let you know how you can block Spam SMS (Text Messages) On Android with SMS Filter android application.
Hit the Add button from the application screen and now a new popup will appear on your mobile screen. Spam SMS are stored in a separate list and you can always view them, so you never miss anything important. SMS Filter is a good and easy to use app that allows you to block messages from several numbers. To remove someone from the list, swipe the number or address from right to left, then tap the red Unblock button. Other anti-spam apps, like Postman and Spam Blocker, will go ahead and flag suspected SMS spam.
If it knows who called, it will display information about the business, including any offers they may have, their location and a link to their website. The application is free to use and works like the same way the Call blocker app works on Android to block unwanted call on your Android mobile. When you click on the add button, you will be presented with a screen that looks like the following screenshot.
The application has the simple and clean user interface, and helps you to block all unwanted text messages in a very simple way.

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