Now touch the tip of the red probe of the multimeter on the terminal of the battery named ‘+’and touch the tip of the black probe on the terminal named ‘-‘. If the battery is drained and showing 0 voltage or say less than 3.7, you will have to charge it with a charger. Many cell phone repair technicians also check batteries with the help of the tongue which is a very unethical and equally funny method. Now, if your battery is draining very fast even after fully charging it, you will have to check it obviously. This entry was posted in Guides and tagged battery, cell phone repair tips, guides, multimeter, tablet by gsmtips.

With lots of usage of various functions and apps, the battery consumption has become very high in todays smartphones. If after charging for a long time, still it is showing the same charge, then the battery is faulty. You will need to buy a new one as batteries are not repairable. They just touch the tip of their tongue to the ‘+’ terminal of the battery and if it gives a sort of current or spicy taste, then it means the battery is charged. If the reading of the battery is below 3.70V even after charging it, your mobile phone will not switch on. While if it does not give the above effect and you if you do not feel anything on the tip of your tongue, than its charging is down.

But if the battery’s chemical inside has become weak or worn out, it will discharge quickly. I am just writing this method for knowledge purpose and strongly advice against using it unless in an emergency!
Although the screen of the phone indicates the charge level of the battery, you will need to check it with multimeter when your handset is dead!

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