Before listing the phone for sale on Craigslist, I wiped it off clean by performing a restore. A quick search in my email archive later, I finally found the tool I was looking for to verify my iPhone is factory unlocked. Step 4: The website will check your IMEI against the database of factory unlocked iPhones and will let you know whether your iPhone is officially unlocked or not. That seems all fine and dandy, but my iphone is still not unlocked, and AT&T is NOT helping at all.
They keep me like this for Almost 3 hours by now and i am still waiting for their response. I checked mine three times; first response phone is locked, second response phone is unlocked, third response unknown. Do you realize what somebody can do with your iMEI number and you are putting your IMEI number in this website? I wana know if i can check my iphone6 if its factory unlocked online by using the phone serial number online..Any answers plz? The Evo Mesh case looks casually handsome in the flesh thanks to the contrasting FlexShock frame and TPU shell. The visual downside of the Evo Mesh case is that, despite all the clever tech inside it, it doesn’t look too different from the cheap TPU covers out there.

Ergonomics of the Evo Mesh case are overall good – all ports of the iPhone are left uncovered and easy to access. The Tech21 Evo Mesh case is a solid offering for users who are looking for a tough case which doesn’t go over board with rugged looks. After making sure she had backed up every picture of our beautiful daughter, I got in touch with AT&T so they can unlock the phone. During that time, I went to Starbucks for my daily dose of overpriced caffeine, and when I came back, my wife’s iPhone was as good as new.
I actually know it is unlocked as I have ATT and contacted them, received green light to unlock it and proceeded to do so. You can check one more phone, but first help us by clicking +1 on Google Plus or Like on Facebook. The protective cover is made for users who like to keep their smartphone intact without breaking the bank for an all-out rugged solution. The company has been in the business since 2005 and is the first to use shock-absorbing polymers in its products. The latter is hybrid impact protection material, which absorbs and repels shock from the smartphone when dropped.
The latter is available in a variety of colors, which range from dark gray like the unit I tested, though clear shell that showcases the color of your iPhone, all the way to more eye-grabbing shades like blue and purple.

The cover handles casual drops without breaking a sweat – it truly allows you to act sloppy with your device without worrying much about the consequences. However, at 75mm of width, it makes the iPhone 6 (67mm wide) considerably wider and more difficult to handle with one hand.
You will likely find more elegant offerings for your money, though they surely won’t keep your iPhone 6 in one piece the way the Evo Mesh case will.
As we explained before, the AT&T unlocking process is fairly simple, and before I got off the phone, the Customer Service Rep I was talking to notified me that the phone had been unlocked.
I hadn’t seen the screen telling you that your iPhone has been unlocked, which made me doubt: is this iPhone really factory unlocked? Besides putting a SIM from a different carrier into it, how can you tell the iPhone has been factory unlocked for sure?

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