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John Deere has a number of products that are designed to further mobile farming efforts, enabling producers to use their mobile devices to simplify work in the fields or management of operations. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices allow users to access information at any time, from nearly any location.
Traditionally, crop producers out in the field need to stop their tractor, climb out of the cab, and use a hand-held device to check prevailing weather conditions.
The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and all other handheld devices led to Deere’s introduction of in-cab cell phone and tablet mounting brackets, making it easier for operators to access their mobile devices in the cab. As mobile device usage is showing no signs of slowing down, mobile farming will likely continue to be a hot-topic within the agriculture community. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Google+! MachineFinder, John Deere and the associated trademarks are property and available only for the specific use of Deere & Company.

However, today’s farmers have access to an abundance of data thanks to advancements in technology aboard their equipment and in the field.
From an iPad, producers can access row-by-row performance data from inside their John Deere tractor cab, in the office, or anywhere else they bring their device. To match these abilities John Deere created mobile-friendly versions of their parts website. Thanks to John Deere’s Mobile Weather solution, a third-party sensor is used to display important weather information on the GreenStar 2630 Display, including, wind speed and direction, temperature, and humidity. Using any (or all) of the products mentioned in the post will provide a smoother operation from the palm of farmers’ hands.
Using this data, it seems safe to assume a vast majority of American farmers use mobile devices during their work day, and thanks to technological advancements in the agriculture industry, they’re probably using their mobile devices in some way to enhance their farming operation and efficiency. To make the best management decisions based on all of this data, farmers should look to utilize John Deere’s Mobile Farm Manager. The mobile-friendly version of the website provides Deere customers with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to search by parts catalog, model number, part number, or keyword to locate the appropriate parts and attachments.

This allows producers to make in-cab decisions based on the data gathered at that location in present time. Mobile devices can be better leveraged for farming purposes (or personal purposes) more easily thanks to these reliable brackets.
All of this data is also transferred to MyJohnDeere to allow for easier organization and documentation.
The portability and convenience of the mobile parts website allows customers to get access to the parts they need, when they’re needed. Along with providing the opportunity for farmers to view their operation’s maps and reports, historical applications, and historical reports, they can also use their iPhone or iPad GPS to track their exact position within the field. This capability allows farmers to walk and scout the crops in the field while documenting important observations.

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