Micromax mobiles which few month back Launched ther first Android powered mobile phone named Micromax Andro A60 has now Launched its Android Device in UAE. Since we first wrote about how BSNL could come back to green back in 2013, lots of things have changed. In this post, we examine how things have changed for a BSNL Customer and what more could be done to boost BSNL’s growth. Tariff revisions are important for sustainability and on a positive note, BSNL’s tariffs are still on the lower side when compared to private players. Though BSNL had social media accounts earlier, they are active only from the past few months.
While minimum broadband speeds of 2 Mbps is being talked about, low-speed complaints are a plenty in case of both wired broadband and 3G Services, outside city limits and in rural regions. At least in locations with less number of wired subscribers, BSNL could consider encouraging broadband customers to switch to 3G by providing them a signal booster if necessary and geo-fenced (applicable only when used in a certain radius) data plans similar to their existing broadband plans. This approach can save a lot of costs for BSNL – building rent, equipment maintenance (even power supply can be erratic leading to fuel costs), contract staff salary etc. While BSNL as a brand is known to almost everyone, BSNL’s unique advantages like competitive tariffs are hardly publicized in the recent times. BSNL’s complicated tariff structure for different circles and non-uniform plan naming makes it difficult to roll-out a single nationwide campaign. We hope to see BSNL become the first preference for any telecom services. Do you think BSNL is changing for good? BSNL is super pathetic in terms of its broadband service (and also its mobile service though that is reasonable still). I recently visited one BSNL customer care centre at Ahmedabad and surprised at the prompt services provided to me by the executives(This was not available in the past). And adding salt to injury say to the customer that underlying cables are fried and dont know who will or when will they fix it, IF THEY EVER WANT IT TO BE FIXED. Show a single short duration (1 day, 7 days, 10 days, 15 days etc) voice rate cutter in BSNL prepaid that can be used for all BSNL prepaid customers. Can you prove that BSNL rectifies the wired broadband problems after 5 PM during work days and during all holidays?. So making broadband plans more competitive is only option to generate more customer base and profit. Not 50 mbps but atleast change to 1 mbps from age old 512 kbps.Almost every private BB provider gives after FUP 1 mbps speed.
According to me BSNL has network present in every nook and corner of India but it is lagging in optimising its networks.
2Mbps scam(pre fup rather than post fup), the 50rs 20GB scam, are what is going to destroy bsnl in the coming years.
You mentioned about small towns and villages regarding broadband, that is where BSNL should give better service, in major cities they have to improve on 3G services.
Well-crafted tariff plans which are slowly driving tariffs up and reduced voucher validities can be regarded as the prime reasons for BSNL’s improving revenues. Some skill development (language, technical) and empowerment of support executives to take decisions without escalating to the next level need to happen. For instance, BSNL still runs telephone exchanges in rural areas to serve less than ten broadband customers. This becomes necessary since normal 3G plans work out to be expensive when compared to wired broadband for the same amount of data usage. I interview people, write analytical articles, highlight customer issues and review devices. I live in Guwahati and BSNL is the only broadband provider as there is no other provider like Airtel, Reliance etc. It should have got 2 types of staffs – one will work from Monday to Saturday and other will work from Tuesday Sunday. BSNL might be good in TN But not here in UPE and it really surprised me how you got in a feud with Sunny (LKO guy) who said the correct thing about BSNL’s state here.

In this way better customer support, better tariff structures can be offered without compromising on profit margin of BSNL. Idk about Ravi Shankar Prasad, but I guess he just deceives people which I assume will lead to the destruction of BSNL when Jio launches. God forbid if there is any health or other emergency, one cannot rely on unpredictable BSNL services which fail to connect calls, especially during the daytime here. Under the able leadership of  Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, BSNL is marching fast on the growth path. Call rates for most rate cutters are on a per-second basis making cost-benefit analysis tricky! It is understandable that ARPU would be the driving factor for deciding cell site locations but that can be more like the chicken-egg problem. Adding to that such exchanges are short of staff (often on a temporary contract) and lack the expertise to attend to frequent complaints of various types. However, the central command must take the responsibility of resolving the complaints instead of acting as a place to transfer complaints to respective circles. But the day a decent competition comes over, they would lose all their customers almost instantly. In spite of complaining to their nodal officer no action was taken and simply they will close my complaint saying it needs minimum of 90 days to setup a network and to get approval from local authorities.
VAS activation happen in all operators and it happens more often in aircel, RCOM and telenor. In this age where no one has time they say try after sometime instead they should augment their network capacity. Customers would automatically come once they realize BSNL (or any operator) provides better services in a particular area.
Password-based login could be used or at least users could be allowed to add more phone accounts. Most of the BSNL customers that I have ever met are dissatisfied customers especially their broadband customers.
AVOID group and BSNL got some lowest rates of VAS activation and that too is refundable in AVOID. This is where demographic data and advanced analytics using technologies like GIS come into the picture.
In the absence of such a feature, it has become necessary to log in separately to manage different accounts.
In case of BSNL connection, their connection shows out of coverage area or does not connect at times even when the person you are calling is standing beside you. To my amusement network is weak even in the heart of the city like Mount Road(my workplace).
This (un)fortunately is the case in several Indian towns and cities where BSNL is the sole wired broadband operator. This feature is also proving to be a limitation when a user needs to check details of a phone number which is not in hand or belongs to family members (Eg. And I have always been in one of their high end broadband plans in the last 8 years that I have been with them.
They seriously need to work on their service (and also the attitude of the BSNL employees) especially in broadband.
So went to Bsnl by analyzing all factors… I used to check which network has good signal by manually searching the networks n I got to know that the network that comes next to the home network has high strength. At least 50-60% of the customers even in my road have left their service due to their continuous broadband down issues. To my amusement they upgraded the cell tower from H to H + at my home cell site within two weeks I purchased the sim.

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