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STEP 1: Go to your Contacts list and bring up your voicemail contact (should be one of the last items in your contact list). STEP 2: Select EDIT and make sure your cursor is at the end of the number (which should be *86). What you have just done is add 4-6 seconds of pauses (the P?s) after the phone number is dialed, followed by your voicemail password, which will be automatically dialed for you. Keep in mind that you have now stored your voicemail password in your phone?s contact list.

And since we're discussing it, some phones don't have a contact list entry, and you instead have to edit it in Message Settings > Voicemail Number. I've also done this, and the only thing that's not working for me is when I miss a call, and I see there's a new vm message, and I select the Call Now option. With the hassle of having to bring up your dial pad each time on the Voyager, makes it even more convenient. Only registered members may post questions, contact other members or search our database of over 8 million posts.
That phone I was using at that time (the LG-made BAM300D, I recall) allowed memory dialing with location + SEND made 86 the perfect location, so the habit has since become ingrained.

I've ignored that, stored VM in 86, and attempted to put the wife in #1 (married guys might know what I'm talking about here), but the phone won't let me change the name associated with location #1.

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