Still not convinced that Foursquare wants to be more than a check-in game with points and badges? Today the company launched the latest of several search features that continue to position Foursquare firmly as a formal local search engine: a fully searchable history page where users can review their entire check-in history, including photos, tips and who else was there. The history page offers a date-based dropdown, plus filters to narrow results by location, who else was there and business category. Last month, Foursquare announced that it had 35 million places in its location database, and that its users had checked-in more than two billion times. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
Cell C will have special deals available for the first 1,000 customers to take up an iPhone 5 contract with them, according to information received by MyBroadband.

The network has also confirmed on its website that it will offer the iPhone 5 on the launch date previously announced by Apple: 14 December 2012.
Two deals were listed on a pamphlet that a Cell C spokesperson said they could not confirm or refute at this time. As with Cell C’s existing iPhone contracts, these deals include an additional 300MB of data per month on top of what is already bundled with the Straight Up contracts. David Shapiro, deputy chairman at Sasfin Securities, explains why he is no longer an investor in MTN.
President Jacob Zuma will be reviewing the transport benefits of his wives, and those of former presidents and deputy presidents. Back in December, the company hired a former Google senior engineer to boost its local search smarts. It may just be positioning Foursquare as a more attractive buyout option for a bigger player.

But, in the meantime, it’s intriguing to watch the speed and commitment with which the company is moving into local search. After leaving traditional media in the mid-1990s, he began developing and marketing websites and continued to provide consulting services for more than 15 years. His SEO and social media clients ranged from mom-and-pop small businesses to one of the Top 5 online retailers. For business owners, Foursquare has also launched an express verification tool that gives access to Foursquare’s business tools immediately.

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