Yesterday, The Star reported that all economy class passengers of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flying out of KLIA will need to perform the mandatory self check-in beginning July 15th. Just have your E-Ticket number handy for check-in purposes and follow through with the instructions. Alternatively, you can also use the self service check-in kiosks located at KLIA and Putrajaya ERL station for up to 48 hours prior to a flight.

All you need is your booking reference or the 13-digit E-ticket number to perform the self check-in. This is in line with a move by MAS to implement automated baggage drop and self-tagging in its future plans.
Self check-in and self-tagging are not new; in many countries these have been the norm for travellers.

Once in place, the check-in counters for economy class passengers will be replaced with bag drop-in counters.

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