For the ultimate up-to-date Optus experience, take a minute to upgrade your browser Click here to upgrade. When changing SIM cards all of the information saved on your old SIM card including contact numbers maybe destroyed.
Don't forget to download the Optus App where you can easily manage you Postpaid or Prepaid Service. Activation usually completes within 15 minutes to 4 hours, you'll receive an SMS when it's ready to go! Within 5 minutes you'll receive an SMS from Optus advising that auto-activation is complete or that your number will port to Optus within 2 business days. The 10 digit mobile phone number that you're transferring over from another service provider. Check your most recent mobile bill from your previous service provider for your account number. If you're transferring from a Coles Prepaid Mobile, call us on 1300 644 741 to activate.
If your Postpaid Mobile Phone number has been suspended or cancelled, call us on 133 937 for assistance with reactivating a service.
Activation normally occurs within 15 minutes to 4 hours, unless you're transferring (porting) your number over from another phone company outside of these times.
If you request to port your number outside these hours, your service will remain active with your existing provider until the next porting day.
The particular IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code of a phone may be a 15 digit number specific to the mobile handset. In fact every single GSM mobile phone is certainly assigned an original IMEI number when it is developed.

Your Official code can be used by a GSM network to determine legitimate units and thus may be used for stopping a stolen telephone from reaching that network system. Yubico has observed this a lot during the last time considering that the iphone 6 was introduced with NFC assistance. Knowing your IMEI [phone ID] code gives you a lot of benefits, especially when you think about getting iPhone unlock by IMEI number .
Sometimes you really need to perform bad ESN check for Sprint iPhone or for Verizon iPhone or other carriers. Some carriers in Canada will start to unlock iPhone Bell  [and other companies] for $75.
The subscriber identity module, or SIM, card is the small card in your mobile phone that provides the phone with its network ID. If you are using an Apple iPhone, find the SIM card by pressing a paper clip gently into the small hole at the base of the phone and opening the SIM drawer. Once you've got your hands on your SIM, follow the steps below to get it up and running asap! More information on Postpaid service restriction and disconnection is available in this article. Simply enter *#06# with your smartphone and it'll present its IMEI # for most mobile phones. When you know the Official # of the mobile phone, you can examine information regarding producer, unit version, date and also state of affirmation. For instance, if your mobile phone is definitely stolen, the particular owner can certainly contact his or her mobile phone network provider as well as inform them to "blacklist" the cell phone having a IMEI #. It is the SIM card that allows phones to be locked and unlocked for individual use and provides the network service provider with the information necessary to allow the phone to function on a network.

This important step ensures that no data will be lost when the battery and SIM card are removed. Take care to replace the card facing the same way as you found it, using the small indented corner as a guide. When you have retrieved the number, replace the SIM card in this drawer and push the drawer until it clicks. No matter whether it's Prepaid or Postpaid all the info you need is available in these quick and easy steps. You can even verify mentioned before information by way of delivering the SMS the following.
The following indicates his phone useless on that net and frequently a few other networking systems also, even if your telephone's Sim-card is changed. If your phone or SIM card has been damaged or is malfunctioning, it may be necessary to retrieve the SIM card's number before support representatives can assist you in fixing the problem. Also, it is in most cases written at the consent plate on the handset ordinarily under the battery pack.
Type IMEI code [your Fifteen digit IMEI number] and also deliver this to 53232 or possibly 57886. Replace the battery in the same way as you found it, ensuring the metal contacts are set flush with the phone's contact points. You can expect to acquire a text message with all obtainable facts within the satellite service company.

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