TrapCall also offers voicemail transcriptions sent to your phone as a text message, incoming call recording, number blacklisting so certain people will think your phone number has been changed or disconnected, and Caller ID Name with Address information. A tv station has 11i minutes of commercials for each 60 minutes of airtime what percentage of airtime is used for commercials? How do you add airtime through your phone with a debit card for a prepaid i-wireless cell phone?
Does Verizon wireless charge you airtime minutes in addition to megabyte usage when on the internet on your phone?
In case you haven’t seen it or need a refresher, here is one of my favorite videos on where your stuff comes from, where it goes when you throw it away and the cost to the health of our planet and ourselves.
If you are looking for the first cell phone for your tween or teen, there is no need to get them anything fancy.
My friends over at  Green Beans wants to offer the readers of Live Green Mom a deal on an LG Migo for Verizon. Green Beans normally sells it for $49, but you can get it for $39 with the special code LiveGreen.

It was an odd thing, I had been searching for a purse that would carry my stuff around, like any other woman. We have published a detailed review of the RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 for Verizon Wireless.
TrapCall is a completely new service that functions as the worlds first Caller ID unblocking service. Until now people have always had a (false) reasonable sense of security, that their number was protected when using *67. If you want free shipping as well, post a comment here and I will send you the code.  Leave a comment and I will send you the code for not only $10 off but free shipping as well! But if you knew me, you’d know that I only started really carrying a purse over the past year. In plain terms, that means TrapCall will tell you the number of a caller, even if they dialed *67 first. Because the number is forwarded to a toll free numer, it is sent the callers CPN and the privacy bit on the call is overwritten.

This essentially means that Caller ID spoofing is now the ONLY way to keep your number truly private, as a user may be using TrapCall to unblock your number. I was looking around in stores, trying to find something that fit my needs but wasn’t plastic looking, too expensive, or made in China. TrapCall came out of beta in March 2010 and now supports AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Sprint.
Tall order for a purse these days.  I had seen Earth Divas on Twitter and checked out there website, and WOW!

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