At broadband leading age, most of us do use dial up connection.Also we use various services with the help of that small dialup connection.
If you are Windows XP as a operating system, you are able to use fax services which are inbuilt into Windows XP operating system in order to send and receive faxes from your machine.
The basic advantage of using Windows XP operating system based fax system is there will be no paper wastage.
As many user's don't require fax services everyday, but you can manage for a phone line, a good modem, and a 3 in 1 printer, scanner and copier (EPSON 1500CX) or any brand which has these features in order to send and receive faxes from your computer.
The fax service which will be used by you will not be pre-installed in Windows XP operating system.
You will see tools menu in Fax Console window, just click on Configure Fax, which will help you to start the procedure for Fax Configuration Wizard.
You will find a Sender Information page, in taht just include your name or your business name and your fax number available. You will find a Select Device option in order to Send or Receive Fax pages, In this your modem will be selected, unless you have more than one options available, in such cases, select the proper one. Check the Transmitting Subscriber Identification (TSID) and Called Subscriber Identification (CSID) pages and try to enter your business name and fax number. As you will enter the Routing Options page, try to specify incoming faxes you will be handling at a time. You can alos change or verify any of these settings by simply running the Fax Configuration Wizard again.
You are able to fax a document which is stored on your computer or you are also able to scan a document and just fax it by sending on to your fax printer. For supplying the recipient's fax number, click on Address Book, and then select one or more recipients just as similar when you try to send an e-mail message in groups.
The other way for sending a fax is to just scan a document and then send it to your fax printer.
Try to give a name and location for the scanned document.Also you can open the folder that contains the image file by just right clicking the image, and then select click Print. As you installed and configured the fax services, receiving fax is also an easy task as logging off.

When you try to configure the Fax services, you will be specified as how the fax answers and where they should be stored. But you can see, rotate, and perform general tasks with your fax document by not opening an image editing program.
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In order to use fax , the modem and scanner required is not to be a costly one or special type. Also ensure that modem is connected to proper phone line port and the phone line port is connected to a working jack.
You will be able to configure the Fax service in the Fax Console wizard, the middle one for faxing tasks. Also try to specify send and receive options that whether you will manually answer recieving faxes or will answer when received. All faxes will be stored in the Fax Console, but you are also able to print a copy or store a copy in a local folder or on your network folder. Jsut open the wizard available on the Tools menu of the Fax Console and then click Configure Fax.
The software that generally comes with your scanner will help you to set up this type of fax service and you can send it directly to your fax printer.
You have to change when and why it opens during the Tracking tab of the Fax Properties dialog box. Faxes are image files in the TIFF format, so they will not get edited as a text file can be.

In order to send a fax as an e-mail attachment, just right-click it, point to Send to, and then click Mail Recipient. The rooms are provided with direct dialing system for international phone calls, air-conditioning, satellite TV. You will be able to read, save, delete, or also attach incoming faxes to email by not using a piece of paper.
Even a 33.6 kbps speed of modem can provide you dispatch service of a multi-page letter in few seconds or minute. Many software of such types depends on TSIDs in order to determine for direct an incoming fax. If you use even a different form such as (626) 555-1212 or 1-626-555-1212, then the dialing rules will not be applicable and the fax transmission will fail and not support your machine.Try to Select a cover page and just Choose from the list or select specify no cover page. But you can also fax with the help of a scanner using the tools option in Windows XP operating system. If you want to dial some extra digit to get an outside line, or want to use a special carrier code, or dial your area code even for some local numbers, try adding these settings in this option, and then just click ok in order to return to the fax sending option. If you ask me I will choose for cover sheets unless I am sending to some big corporation where it might get lost or the document needs some clarification or identification.Try to Specify the fax to be sent as well as the fax related priority. If some one explains you to use fax services in an operating system such as windows XP with the helpof dial up modem connection. In this case, the order of sending should be determined by the priority you will set.Final step will be a screen repeating the details of the fax and asking to preview it.
If the fax has a multi-page option, you have to preview the first page only.If you are sending the fax in an appropriate way, the Fax Monitor shown below will start when the dialing connection takes place.

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