This rich, web-based client allows you to access your email, contacts and calendar from any Web Browser, and is enhanced further for Internet Explorer.
If you have multiple email addresses that you want to aggregate into one mailbox, mail2web Mobile Email supports email consolidation for your accounts.
Remote Wipe: If your device is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, you can issue a remote wipe command from the Exchange Server. Using the iPhone’s built-in Enterprise setup, just download the settings from our control panel and let the iPhone configure itself. Using the built-in Activation wizard, just enter your username and PIN and let the phone configure itself. Send configuration details to your cell phone as an SMS message and let the phone configure itself. Being connected can make an international vacation more enjoyable, and an overseas business trip more productive. To place publication orders you must be a registered member of the Consumer Action website. Browsing the Internet … watching a video … sending email on the go are just a few things you can do with a data-ready mobile device and a data service plan. Smartphone technology gives users the freedom to call family and friends, send and receive email and text messages, browse the Web, and even get some work done virtually anywhere in the world. When you’re roaming, a new symbol, which varies from phone to phone, typically appears on your handset screen, usually in the area of the signal strength indicator. When choosing an international roaming plan that offers buckets of minutes, text messages or data, it’s helpful to estimate your potential usage so you don’t have to pay higher rates for overage, or exceed your allotted number of minutes or data. Reset your usage meter (under the general settings menu) and check it in a few days or a week to see your typical usage.
View the Using Mobile Data Wisely companion brochure for data usage estimates for common activities such as sending and receiving email, streaming music or downloading an application, game or song. TIP: If you purchase a special plan for international travel, keep it for at least one full billing cycle to avoid being charged a fee for terminating the plan early. Some plans give you a discounted per-minute (voice) or per-byte (data) rate after you pay a relatively low flat monthly fee. Another option may be to purchase a plan that allows you to use a specified amount of service (a bucket) for a flat price. Monitor your usage when traveling - Start by resetting the usage tracker on your phone to zero (via the general settings menu) when you leave the U.S.

Some carriers allow you to check your usage for free at any time on the carrier’s website, since you may not be able to check your usage from your handset while using international cell towers.
There are a variety of apps and online tools—offered by your carrier and third parties—for tracking usage. For additional options for tracking your usage while traveling, view the Using Mobile Data Wisely companion brochure to get data usage estimates for common activities such as sending and receiving email, streaming music or downloading an application, game or song.
Minimize costs for data usage while roaming - Many automated functions and some applications use data even when you aren’t actively using your device. Turn off applications (such as weather and Facebook) that check the Internet automatically. Checking voicemail from your handset while roaming will trigger international roaming rates. TIP: Some popular travel apps such as iTranslate, Facebook, Google Maps and Yelp, can use a lot of data if accessed over wireless networks.
If you choose not to take your mobile device with you when traveling abroad, you can explore other options for staying connected, such as renting a handset for the country you’ve visiting prior to leaving or purchasing a handset after you arrive. If your phone is “unlocked”, you can buy a SIM card (a removable computer chip that holds your phone number and other subscriber information) with a local number in the country you are visiting. You could also try Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications on your smartphone when it is set to Wi-Fi.
In this day and age of international travel it’s great to know there are many options available to stay connected with family, friends, and the office when out of the country. Your donation to Consumer Action, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, can help us cover the cost of research, writing, and translation of our materials. Planning ahead will enable travelers to save money on calls and messaging as well as keep their international data charges predictable.
Being connected has many benefits, but it’s important to know your needs and manage your usage to avoid unanticipated charges. International roaming refers to using a network when traveling outside the United States, including travel in Mexico and Canada.
The following tools and resources are available to help you estimate your usage and avoid incurring overage charges. Adjust this amount up or down if you expect to use significantly more or less service during your trip.
For example, an international roaming voice plan might charge a flat fee (such as $5.99) and then discount the per-minute rate.

Check with your carrier before cancelling your roaming plan to make sure you won’t be exposed to additional costs. Some carriers will also alert you when you approach your service limits for the month or when you are about to incur overage charges. For example, an app like 3G Watchdog lets you set warning alerts before you exceed your allowance. This allows you to use data but prevents a large email file from downloading automatically.
In some cases Wi-Fi may be free, but not always, and rates for Wi-Fi may vary around the world.
Be sure to factor this in when purchasing an international roaming package and tracking your usage. Roaming is complicated but with a little planning ahead, you can be prepared to use your wireless device almost anywhere! The good news is, there are lots of tools and resources to help you stay in control while enjoying all the benefits your mobile data device offers. Check your phone manual or contact your carrier to find out how your particular device indicates roaming. You can buy SIM cards from a variety of sources before you travel or you can purchase the card when you arrive at your destination.
This means real time wireless synchronization of emails, calendars, tasks and contacts between your cell phone and the Exchange Server. This publication offers tips and tools to help you stay within budget while traveling with your data-ready device or phone. However, with this option if you want to receive phone calls directly you will need to give out your new, foreign telephone number.
However, VoIP applications such as Skype and Vonage may not always work for incoming calls from the U.S. Check with your mobile device provider or the VoIP application provider before leaving the country to determine how VoIP calls to your device would be handled when you’re traveling internationally.

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