Hackers appear to be exploiting Apple's "Find My iPhone" service to lock up phones and tablets and send ransom demands to their owners.A number of reports on Apple's support forum tell of devices displaying messages that they have been hacked by "Oleg Pliss" and demanding payment of a US$100 ransom via PayPal to unlock them. Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite technology topics. Navizon is a hybrid positioning system combining GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular triangulation techniques.
Allow your family and friends to know where you are: iLocalis will send a message to your friends when you are near by.
GPS Phone Tracker is location based social app aimed to keep track of your friends and family members all the time. Mobile Spy version 3.0 spy software for Apple iPhone from Retina-X studios allows users to track GPS locations, SMS messages and calls of employees, teen or family mobile phones by logging into SSL secured online control panel from any computer or phone’s web browser. Mobile Spy allows users to monitor their handsets in real time and runs in the background behind all other applications. This free security program alerts you when your iphone is connected to another individual’s computer.
The second method can be very useful when the stolen iPhone is switched off and later gets connected to a computer for changing software or formatting the memory card.

Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. People carry their phones everywhere they go, and hence there is always a chance of them forgetting their iPhone somewhere or the iPhone getting stolen.
It calculates the geographic location of a wireless device by analyzing the signals from nearby Wi-Fi access points and cellular towers and comparing it against a database of known data points.
Extra features built into iLocalis allow you to send text messages or make calls on your iPhone when you don’t even have it with you. It maps the location of your phone and everyone else’s pretty accurately on a virtual map.
After the spy software is setup on the cellphone, it will silently record SMS messages, GPS locations and call activities, and then upload the data to your private Mobile Spy secure online account.
If Find My iPhone is enabled for a lost device, the owner can log into Apple's iCloud service to see where the missing device is located on a map, or track where it has been.
So you can track or find lost apple watch remotely from your other apple Devices or iCloud account. A new option called Locate-by-SMS allows you to locate your lost iPhone by just sending an SMS text message to it.

All members are given a unique tracking ID and automatically registered in our lost and found database. Users can decide to immediately lock the missing device, displaying a custom message on the screen. Some users said they had accessed iCloud and indeed saw that the lost mode was enabled for their devices.
As a prevention steps you can do below on the time of lost or someone cheat your apple watch.
Then sit back.You can track your location on Map using GPS location (Right place of apple watch live). One possibility is that they gained access to a database with user names and passwords used for several services, including iCloud. Others said they re-used their password for iCloud, but did not use it for their eBay accounts.

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