8 Scroll and press down on the option labeled "Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?" Underneath it says "Everyone", indicating that this option is currently selected.
10 Now it says "Friends of Friends" underneath the option, indicating that the option was successfully selected.
11 This concludes the tutorial on how to edit who can find you using your phone number in Facebook on an HTC One M8. If you have problems with any of these steps, ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below. Can I help you with your problem about "Edit Who Can Find You Using Your Phone Number on Facebook for HTC One M8"? Once you have selected the device tab: you will have a view of the last time you synched your phone to iTunes (this is the last time your phone data was backed up to iTunes).
Imagine whatever you touched, it turned into the piece of paper with the symbol of that object. Imagine whatever chemical word or symbol you wrote, it would magically become the real thing. Dots are also used in chemistry to represent an unshared (unpaired) electron which normally is shared.
In chemistry the dash is used to represent a single bond (sharing of one electron each) between two atoms. The lesson from this tutorial is to learn symbols but at the same time learn what they represent. This is a tutorial on how to edit who can find you using your phone number in Facebook on an HTC One M8.

Once the phone has been unlocked we will see the home screen, and at the bottom we will see 5 icons.
If you have any questions, comments or queries about this video, or about the process that you have seen in this video, then please leave them in the comment section below, and we will answer them for you. In our decimal number system, we rely on the dot (the decimal point) to set the value of the numerals. Also, just because they look simple doesn't mean that they aren't conveying some important information. Focusing too much on symbols will give you headaches, sore eyes, and a feeling of being weighed down.
A follow up to looking at pictures is to buy some hydrogen peroxide and learn how it smells and even tastes (dilute it and taste it). Chemistry or any subject is so much more interesting if you dig into the real story behind the symbols.
This applies to people who can't already see your phone number." The blue check mark is currently next to "Everyone", indicating that everyone on Facebook can find us by searching for our phone number. She enjoys watching sports, spending time with friends and sharing new ways to make life a little bit easier for myself and others. Pour it on the next cut you get and you will see that amazing enzyme, catalase, turn the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.
If you learn these, you will be more proficient with symbols than Robert Langdon (Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons) or Abigail Chase and Ben Gates in National Treasure. Remember the dot represents an electron that normally was being shared (paired) but now is unpaired.

For example, all the boring formulas and symbols you see in this picture actually represent something interesting or important.
The enzyme is so efficient that just one of these catalase molecules can decompose 6 million hydrogen peroxide molecules every second. This is called an chlorine radical which is even more reactive and dangerous than chlorine gas (Cl2). Mg2+ means the positive protons in magnesium out number the negative electrons by 2 giving it a positive 2 charge. In the upper right, I found this picture with an article about an affliction that Michael Jackson supposedly has called vitiligo. So even though a small dot doesn't look like much, it can mean the difference between unhealthy and deadly.
OH· is called the hydroxyl radical and will easily chemically react with tissue in the stomach. According to the article, vitiligo causes excess H2O2 to be produced in the skin which bleaches out the dark melanin pigment in skin. Imagine chemistry where all you had to do was write the symbol and that substance would appear.
So the difference between OH- and OH· is the difference between medicinal and poisonous.

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