We understand that applying and getting passport can be a serious headache because you need so many documents and then fill in countless forms and go through all of that stuff that you actually hate.
First thing that needs to be cleared is that there are certain cities that have passport offices in. There you would also see the cities that we have just listed above and a small question box asking you for your postcode. That box wants to help you find UK passport office hence let it help you by entering your postcode. After you enter your postcode and click on green button ‘Find’, it would go and see the offices that it sees close to your area according to its data. But keep in mind that it is suggested by United Kingdom’s government official website that you should always book appointment before actually going there hence keep that in your head.
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If it says anything else that “British Citizen”, you are not eligible for the visa waiver program and will need a visa to travel to the US. The US Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) allows most British Citizen passport holders to visit the US for up to 90 days. Beyond that, the requirements to get a visa will depend on the type of visa and while some applications might be assessed more carefully than others, formally I don't think they differ depending on citizenship. From a privacy point of view it might be good to also blank out some parts of the other passport. If you are saying, it was not a passport relating to Relaxed - it was an example he found online - then, fair enough, there's no danger to Relaxed.
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Is leaving the USA for the British Virgin Islands considered as returning home for a British citizen?
Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? Are there any quick way to tell if a filter is high-pass, low-pass, or band-pass, just by looking at the transfer function in the s domain?
These guidance notes have been compiled based on our and our customers’ experience when completing the Russian visa application forms. Although we appreciate that some answers may sound very obvious to you, we still advise you check your passport and enter your details exactly as they appear in your document. Please note if your previous company has either ceased trading or is no longer trading from the same addresses you still need to put the address as it was at the time of your employment. This section relates to your close relatives, current residence address and current employment. Once you have submitted the form you can still make necessary changes to your visa form if you feel some data requires amendment. Unemployed, self-employed, company directors, srudents, people in early retirement must provide copies of their bank statements for the last three months showing positive balance based on £100 per person per day of stay in Russia. Australia citizens cannot apply for the next day visa unless they have a residence permit or long term work or student visa in the UK. USA citizens cannot apply for the next day visa unless they have a residence permit or long term work or student visa in the UK. IMPORTANT: If you fail to email us your registration details we will not be able to check your form and advise of any required amendments. Once our visa department has checked your Russian visa application form and emailed a correct PDF version to you, please print this document.
Please do not post your application to us until you have received an email from us confirming your visa form has been correctly completed and can be processed.
Please use Adobe Reader 9 or higher to open the visa application form (download a free copy of Adobe Reader). British High Commission's report says Ali Asad attained a fake passport on specifics of Mohammad Ali Asad in Pakistan. The British High Commission released its report in the UK visa scam on Friday, claiming that The Sun’s agent Ali Asad had successfully attained a fake passport in Pakistan to sneak into Britain along with Pakistan’s Olympic delegation, reported Express News. The report said that Ali Asad came to Pakistan on a British passport and managed to get a fake CNIC and a machine-readable Pakistani passport on the specifics of “Mohammad Ali Asad”. According to the British High Commission’s record, Ali Asad’s real date of birth is December 8, 1980, while Mohammad Ali Asad’s date of birth was mentioned as November 8, 1970. The report also claimed that the pictures made available by the British High Commission included one of Ali Asad and two of Mohammad Ali Asad. On Thursday, British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson had said that he trusted Pakistan’s passport issuance system and Nadra, adding that the country is free of defects. British tabloid The Sun had earlier claimed to have broken into a crime ring which was issuing fake passports and visas, giving potential terrorists a chance to sneak into London Olympics 2012. Looks like decades of supporting corrupt politicians of Commonwealth is coming back to haunt the Imperialists. He then managed to become part of the Olympic squad for Pakistan at the last minute !, ok failure again on the Pakistani side. The big tragedy with Pakistan is that it always doesn’t accept its faults although they knew better from inside everything very well.Simply a country where even the assemblies and parliament members come through fake degrees and documentation and fake vote count and corruption. It is the duty of the british Visa issuing authority to ensure that they issue visas to the correct person. It is more so there duty to make sure anyone one entring the country is not a threat to their security and did not attain a visa under false pretense. They even retain the right to refuse entry even if all your paper work including visa is good order. Finally if the British press wants to do a sting operation, why do they not focus on the failures of their own government machinery instead of trying yet again to malign Pakistan.
Why should we blame the ordinary people who are trying to make a buck and sustain themselves by driving MBZs and BMWs and living the life they can’t afford, all they are doing is emulating their leadership, thats all. Is anyone really surprised —- the writing was on the wall when you decided to form a Commission to file a lawsuit rather than pick up the phone and hire a UK attorney. A separate issue is that foreign reporters or others must NEVER be allowed to conduct ILLEGAL actions with impunity.
I am British Citizen my self, and at no point did I suggest that a British citizen needs to have a visa. Generally speaking, with rare exceptions, anyone or any country, dealing or doing any business with the state of Pakistan, will be defrauded. I am not suggesting that Pakistan does not have corruption, far from it, it is plagued with corruption, however sweeping statements like yours are nonsense.

The reason why Pakistan is perhaps the most corrupt , is because elements of the state itself are complicit in it.
Not just fraudulent documents, its a global leader in forged currency too, and with active support from elements of the state. The guy has committed a serious crime and violated the Pakistan’s laws punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines.
Trust me, UK has been after this for long time as there are too many Criminals who have commited far more serious crimes like Rape, Murders, Kidnapping etc in Uk, who are residing in Pakistan, because of this very fact ! If some body thing that passport fraud occurs only in Pakistan he or she should read the link below.It is another attempt to defame Pakistan.
I find it quite unbelieveable how some contributors to this forum completely pervert what is so blatently scribed in black and white!
Further, the article, which should be read with a handful of salt given its reported by the not so neutral Indo News Service, makes no mention of extension of visas etc – where did you get that fantastic idea from?
Guys (or girls), please do us all a favour and come forth with a decent, honourable and honest account of facts – this isn’t Bollywood where the audience has no say, this is the real world and yes, its horrible and ugly! Please consider HOW LONG AGO the incidents you recount happened, and do not equate security measures BACK THEN WITH THOSE THAT EXIST NOW! I guess you have lost your mind, as evident in your recent comments, while trying to desperately defending the corrupt and the inept government of Pakistan Plunder Party.
An Indian with a fake British passport who’s managed to live for the past 50 years in the UK without being detected! It is not difficult to get British and Australian passport, some time ago people from Mossad have travelled to dubail on these passports and involved in terrorist activity by killing one person in Dubai.
You must book an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre if you’re in the UK and need a passport urgently, eg within a month. You can’t use these services if you’re applying online or for certain types of passport – eg a first adult passport. The Premium service means you’ll get your passport within 4 hours of your application being accepted. The Fast Track service means your passport is delivered to your home address within 1 week of your application being accepted. Use the Post Office Check and Send service, or apply by post or online if you don’t need your passport within a month. You can use the online enquiry form for general advice but it can’t be used to book appointments. Call the Passport Adviceline 0300 222 0000 to book an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre UK ( uk passport urgent). Your passport will be sent to your home within 1 week (not including bank and public holidays). To get your passport within 1 week, you must supply all your completed forms and supporting documents to Her Majesty’s Passport Office at the agreed appointment. If you’re replacing a lost or stolen UK passport you may need to attend an interview, and your application may take longer.
Your application may be delayed if there are mistakes on your form, or you don’t provide the necessary documents at your appointment.
Another person can go to your appointment and collect your passport if you’re unable to (as long as you’re in the UK at the time). You may be able to upgrade your application to use the Fast Track or Premium service if you’ve already applied to renew your UK passport by post or through the Check and Send service. Upgrades are usually only available in special circumstances – eg you’ve had to change your travel plans at short notice. If you’ve applied for a first adult passport, you’ll only be able to upgrade your application for free if you need to travel for compassionate reasons (eg a sickness or death) uk passport urgent. The UK Passport Adviceline will tell you if you can upgrade – the service isn’t always available during Her Majesty’s Passport Office’s busy periods. You may be able to get a refund for the Premium or Fast Track service fee (but not the standard passport fee) if your application isn’t processed within the specified time. You must pay the full fee and then claim a refund for the Premium or Fast Track service fee.
Send the claim form to the Customer Service Manager at the UK Passport Customer Service Centre where you had your appointment. You must sign and date the form, add any documents or photographs that are needed, and return it for processing.
It should take 6 weeks to get your first adult UK passport once your form has been received. It can take longer if more information is needed or your application hasn’t been filled out correctly. If you have a question about a legal, financial or consumer issue the chances are that it's been asked and answered before on the LegalBeagles community forum.
And to make things a little simpler, we are giving you guys that list right here right now. As said in the start, it is easy to find UK passport office and now you have seen that we were not lying. The types of journey that are permissible under the VWP include tourism, certain types of business visit and transit to another country.
We are sorry if some guidance may seem obvious or strange but please do believe us we still receive many incorrect application forms, and that is the reason why we have explained every step in detail. All passports must have at least two blank pages for the Russian visa to be inserted and be valid for at least six months after the date of your return. The visa form and all the questions have been developed by the Russian authorities and Go Russia does not have any influence in this matter. PLEASE REMEMBER OR PRINT YOUR APPLICATION ID AS THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED OR RETRIEVED FROM THE SYSTEM.
Please provide full details as required by the form and complete the form with the utmost care.
Please try and remember at least the longest trips abroad and enter in the form at least those for which you have stamps or visas in your passport. Again, please check the stamps in your passport, if you still do not remember – please enter approximate date. The number should be a mobile phone number, if you do not have a mobile number, please enter the number of your closer relatives or friends. If you are retired you will still need to enter all your previous work details in a separate section. The visa processing time for these citizens will take 14 working days if they do not have proof of residence in UK for the last 180 days.

The visa processing time for these citizens will take 10-14 working days if they do not have proof of residence in UK for the last 90 days. Please note registration details cannot be changed or retrieved from the system so we recommend you immediately print the registration page with your Applicaton ID. Please make sure you print the form that HAS BEEN CHECKED AND APROVED by our visa department and that HAS BEEN EMAILED to you (not the form you have initially filled-in as there might be some errors).
Similarly, Ali Asad’s residence was Sahiwal as opposed to Mohammad Ali Asad’s address in Lahore.
So many Afghans have got pakistani passports and CNIC but still we are defending this corrupt institute. That said Pakistani authorities should take the opportunity and bring their house in order. Who enjoys by the elite class of well reputed personals of their societies and who categorically comment no difference between fake and genuine, then how can its impossible a fake passport and visa. Anyone who has ever applied for a visa should know how many hoops they need to jump through. That is why they question people at immigration in London before letting them enter the country even when they have valid visas. The rot has started from the top and they flaunt the ill gotten money by buying properties all over the Western Countries.
Sir, please realise that British citizens do NOT need a UK visa (fake or otherwise) to enter their own country. My opinion is yes because i remember an indian guy who met me on my way from oslo to stockholm and he believed that everyone in pakistan even doctors and engineers are terrorist. The Passport and CNIC agents that lurk around the respective offices actually are part of a mafia that has connections with the agency officials and pay them a share for making fake documents.
I am contending there is no proof that he used the Pakistani passport to go through immigration. Who provided fraudulent passport and NIC to Mr Ansari , who was deported by Saudi Arabia to India, overriding protests by Pakistan ? The GOP must not let him off the hook and file a police report in the UK against him and try to repatriate him to Pakistan for trial; and that is not possible then must pursue legal action in the UK. High Commissioner should be reminded of the Dubai incident where Israeli agents used forged british passports to assassinate someone, not so long ago.
So it means criminal activities can be carried out by any one even ambessidors are not an exception. Take the form, your photographs and your payment to the appointment at the Passport Office.
United Kingdom is a country that has done a lot for its people and one of those things is putting all the important information online and making it available to just about anyone. You can see that below and there are good chances that you may find your city listed here too.
If you have a British passport that describes your nationality as something other than ‘British Citizen’ you will need to get a visa. Please follow these notes as this is for your own benefit and to avoid any unnecessary delays with your visa processing. If you do not already hold a passport or need to renew an existing one, you must allow at least six weeks to obtain one - at busy periods it can take longer than this, so please contact your local passport office for more information.
Although we appreciate your comments and welcome feedback, we cannot change anything in the visa application process. If covered by Company insurance, a signed letter on the Company letterhead clearly confirming the validity of the insurance in Russia for the entire duration of the journey would suffice. GR Travel Group Ltd has not designed the visa form and is not responsible for its contents and requirements. Here is an link to an article in UK’s Telegraph, it really shows as to Pakistan’s reputation on International stage !
The route this country has chosen is the wrong one and its people are paying the price for it.
A lot of such cases on record in various country visa offices that how many visa applications come with fake documentation, bank statements, academic transcripts, property papers.
So lay off of these crooks,it is just plan hypocrisy, remember NRO, Drug peddling, Rental Raja,Bloated Cabinet, Bribes to Judiciary, Perks and Privileges and above negating the laws of the nation.
He could have easily used his British passport despite leaving Pakistan on his Pakistani passport.
The Foreign Office must also call the UK High Commissioner and lodge a protest against the crime committed by a British citizen purely for the purposes of maligning and giving bad publicity to Pakistan. We suggest you to help you friends and other close people by sharing this post with them so they or their friends can find UK passport office easily whenever they need to. We appreciate you may have green account with paperless statements delivery, in this case please contact your bank and ask them to print your statements on their letter-head. If someone doesn’t believe please just visit any foreign visa office and check the record honestly.
Of course they cant write about all the illegal Indian and Chinese and Bengalis living here who are way more in numbers than Pakistanis could ever be. Nothing would give me so much pleasure than seeing these corrupt politicians and officials nabbed. The space in these columns would be better utilised by evoking a sensible debate about real issues, instead of this constant diatribe of negative comments. Also it does not say that the Indian students stay after visa is over (which is illegal) – rather it says that they try to extend their stay in the country (which is perfectly legal). Similarly in various occasions fake FIR, fake degrees, fake medical statements, fake currency, fake equipments and weapons, fake mobile numbers, fake work experience certificates,fake or copied thesis, fake medicines and vaccines, fake uniforms, fake examiner, inspectors and army officer, fake wars, propaganda, fake commercial, fake media anchors, fake clips recording, fake calls, fake govt. You can get a fake passport through criminal channels and enough money just about ANYWHERE in the world, not just PAKISTAN. This all have been reported and come under observation at different occupations and even on media. Honestly how many people don’t really accept this truth that the above fake business is common business and not happening since long.
Then why don’t honestly Pakistan accept their faults and put themselves in the honest and trustworthy ways.
Its the fact that Pakistan is the Universal Leader in Fake business, corruption and is big liar.

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