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Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? Today lets take a stroll outside what Excel can do and make something fancy, fun and may be useful. This chart, published by The Economist talks about how 42% of the world population is going to vote this year. Read on to learn how you can create something like this using Excel & a little bit of VBA. There are times when we are entering dates into several columns and would like to select a date from a popup calendar instead of manually typing.
Today, lets understand how we can set up a pop-up calendar in Excel so that your users can easily input dates by right clicking on a cell and inserting a date.
You can specify the format which you are eyeing for using find format or you can use the format of specific cell by using choose format from cell option.
After you specify the format, excel will only consider the results that fulfill format specified even if the value provided in find what is present in other cells with different format.
Step 3: Just at the right of Find what field you have preview box and on the right of it you can find format button. Step 4: If you already have a cell that contains the format that you want to include in find results then click choose format from cell. In case if you do not have formatting in any cell then you can specify your own by clicking format button itself instead of clicking drop down arrow.

Step 5: Add in the text, number or value you want to find within those cells that has format specified and click find all or find next button.
Only value is mentioned in find what field with no formatting defined therefore, it will consider all the cells that has value same as specified ignoring the format.
As no value is mentioned however, format is provided therefore, excel will consider only such cells that meet specified format. In this example if you look closely, the format of cell used to identify format in the find is different from other orange boxes. With value and format both specified excel will consider only those cells that are of format specified and also bear the value mentioned in find what field. Although I have specified what is considered as a cell format above and it includes number formatting as well but to be more clear consider following illustration.
One thing I found when finding just with format with no values is when we select a cell with no specific format and then try to run find command then it stays within the range. If the Min of P1, p2 p3 & p4 is greater than Refrence number result should be index of Refrence number.
If you click on warning symbol next to the cell, Excel shows a menu offering choices to treat the error. You know the little yellow box that appears as soon as you start typing a formula in a cell.
Because the help box sits on top of my data, often I find it hard to know which cell to link to. This chart is based on World Economic Forum’s survey on how women compare to men in terms of various development parameters. This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450+ articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts.

If you left find what field empty then excel will find all such boxes that has specified formatting. Because the text is bold and italic therefore, only one cell is found as only one cell meet that format.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. To make it easy for myself to reach students and for students to learn better I am a constant gardener at ACCALIVE and PakAccountants. I use this all the time to understand what the syntax of a particular function is, what parameters to pass etc. Basically it let you include additional condition to find only such results that hold specific format of the cell. It is not same as the blasphemy of spoiling a soft, sweet, supple donut with a piece of string.
Once clicked, find dialogue reappears with preview box displaying the formatting inherited. Find will consider only those cells that has the same date format and ignores other values.

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