Keep in mind most of this message data usage is exclusively due to the photos and videos, not the actual transmission of generic texts and messaging without multimedia.
Unlike third party iPhone apps and many other bundled services, there is no option to disable iMessage sending over cellular data while keeping it enabled for wi-fi connections, and instead you’d have to turn the feature off completely and fall back to SMS.
Perhaps the better solution for those with capped data plans who get hit with overage charges due to heavy multimedia based iMessaging is to monitor the usage from time to time, and be sure to connect to a wi-fi network as often as possible to unload the data from cellular onto the wireless network.
It definitely lists recently uninstalled apps though I’m not sure if it counts all that have been installed but removed on the device, which would be a little odd.
I’m using i6 nd my data is going at a very high rate my generals is using data very much 100-200mb a day ! If you don’t have unlimited cellular data and few installed apps on your iPhone may constantly using internet and that will increase your monthly cellular data cost. First find apps that using huge data or apps or services that using internet and consuming data unnecessarily. From this list you can find apps that are using more or unnecessarily data, and then use the toggle switch to turn On or Off mobile internet for specific iPhone app. You might be surprised after finding no app is using huge data when you compare to total cellular data usage, but remember there are different iOS System Services that use internet connection as well. On the Cellular settings page on your iPhone you reset statistics of Cellular data usage to see fresh stats next time.

Now, you can find the apps or service that using more cellular data on your iPhone and control data consumption and your monthly data billing.
Here’s another neat little feature that iOS 7 has added for those of us who use an iPad with cellular data capability.
This was possible before with a few 3rd party apps, but it’s handy to have this information available right within the Settings app. You can find it in Settings > Cellular Data, in the new ‘Use Cellular Data For’ section.
It usually happens like this: we didn't realize we reached iPhone, iPad data limit until we pay extra money for it. It turns out that you can find this information through a somewhat buried location in iOS Settings, and if you’re on a bandwidth capped data plan it may offer some actionable data to work with if you regularly find yourself hitting the limits of your cellular plan. While the former can eat up 5mb per image sent, the latter text communications are literally measured in tiny kilobytes and would barely dent even the tiniest data plans. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! With iMessage on, I could use group chats on Wi-Fi with cellular off and saving some power. So you should keep an eye which iPhone app or System Services are using more data and if you feel something wrong you can turn data usage On or Off for that specific iPhone app or service.

Under the Cellular Data Usage section, you'll see how much data you've used since last time the statistics were cleared.
Scroll to the bottom and tap on Reset Statistics to help you get an accurate readings next time. Under Use Cellular Data For section, turn Off apps that you don't want to have access to cellular data.
However, with iMessage off, I can send any non-MMS messages without cellular or Wi-Fi on, also saving a ton of power. You can also use the button next to each app’s name to turn on or off its ability to make use of cellular data. You can easily view data usage and then block specific app to use cellular data, follow the guide below.

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