Dear friends, CHRISTMAS IS COMING !!!! and this is spotlight news on this edition of the ESN Newsletter!
You are the first ones to find out, but any great priviledge comes with great responsability. Children finding voices is an Erasmus+ project, sponsored by ESAA and supported by Social Erasmus. Sunday we made our third visit to the Red Cross orphanage in Bucharest, where we met our dear friends, to whom we are always greatful for the endless energy and warmth.
Join us for the Board Games Night and we'll have loads of fun playing Dixit, Uno, Activity, Jenga, Rummy and more!

Arthensium winter festival is an event that contains music shows, theatre shows, handmade trainings and market, prizes.
Most international students get a student flat through several website or the ads posted on University's wall . More websites: LINKIf you didn’t get an appartment through the web site there are some alternatives.
This time we took them coloring and story books, just to bring a little magic into their days. Our mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

Just know that it is in general not hard get an appartment in Ancona and that 1-2 room appartments tend to be very expensive.

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