Facebook has announced that it will notify users that have been targeted by an attacker suspected of spying on them. Setting up a Facebook profile is the first step towards creating a powerful Facebook presence that will get your brand out there.
Firstly, you'll want to set up a personal Facebook account for your business in case you don't already have one.
Fill in the details including your real birthday, but don't worry, later on I'll show you how to keep this information private so that nobody else can see it, if you like. Discover how to put your business in front of 1,000s of new customers, cheaply and quickly. Ia€™ve been spending so much of my time lately in the company of inanimate Facebook accounts Ia€™ve begun to forget what real virtual people are like. Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite technology topics. The company’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, explains that the warning is necessary because government-sponsored attacks are “more advanced and dangerous than others”. The best part about having a Facebook profile and a brand presence on Facebook is that it's a popular way for people to interact with for FREE.
Now remember, you're still setting up a personal account so you'll need to put in your real details. But now that Ia€™ve figured out what to look for, I see fakes everywhere.Earlier this year Facebook estimated that between 5 and 6 percent of all accounts are bogus a€“ which would put the number of Facebook fakes between 40 and 50 million.

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If you approach it the right way, Facebook could be your best marketing resource and you can watch your traffic and sales boom. Other estimates range as high as 27 percent a€“ or some 200 million.There are essentially two kinds of Facebook fakes.
The other is a sock puppet a€“ a false account that is operated by a human being pretending to be someone or something theya€™re not.
Sock puppets are harder because they will occasionally act like humans, though often really stupid humans. Ita€™s a subtle difference.Here are some of the key warning signs that the alleged human who just sent you a friend request is not what he or she claims to be. If an account displays three or more of these Fake Factors, you can bank that ita€™s bogus.1. If the Facebook page is still using the pre-Timeline layout, thata€™s one clue it may be a bot. Of course, there are nonbots that still cling to the a€?olda€™ Facebook, and there are certainly bots using Timeline.
Again, not all attractive young women are bots, and not all bots are attractive young women, but the vast majority of fake accounts seem to be. Because we simple minded males are much more likely to click on photos of hot chicks, and that is the point of a bot a€“ to get attention.

Though you cana€™t see it here, most bots dona€™t post a lot of photos a€“ three or four are typical, and occasionally they are pictures of different people. I suppose ita€™s possible that a€?Alicea€? here could have been born in the Bronx and attended the University of Helsinki, but shea€™s a bit young to be working for a New York PR firm. Though bots are able to process friend requests a€“ thata€™s one of the reasons they exist -- theya€™re unlikely to respond to any kind of message.
I sent a simple one-sentence question to more than two dozen bot accounts and failed to receive a single response.6.
A mostly blank Wall.A  Dona€™t bother looking for personal status updates or other signs of incipient humanity on her wall, you wona€™t find any. Generally the only things youa€™ll find on one of these botsa€™ walls are new a€?Likesa€? on a Facebook company or product page and new friends.You might also find greetings from new male friends (see Fake Factor #2, above) but you wona€™t find any responses in return. This particular bot is part of a network thata€™s been set to like no more than 20 pages a day, to avoid tripping Facebooka€™s bot filters. Despite your sincere belief that gorgeous strangers would naturally gravitate to your Facebook account, you must accept that ita€™s merely something created to trick you.A These bots are mostly there to defraud Facebook and also to fool people into thinking companies and products are more popular than they really are.

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